Marcos Maidana showing off SIX-Pack abs

By Boxing News - 06/05/2020 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Marcos Maidana posted a photo of himself showing his six-pack abs on his Instagram site on Thursday, and he looks in serious shape. The 36-year-old former two-division world champion Maidana (35-5, 31 KOs) is training for a comeback.

There’s money to be made by Maidana if he looks good in his exhibition match in Argentina. If he wins that fight, it would be interesting to see him return for a rematch with Adrien Broner.

Maidana made millions in his two fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2014, and he retired after the second fight that year. He then went back to his home country of Argentina and got fat. In some of the photos over the years that Maidana has posted on social media, he’s very heavy.

Maidana says he’s at his best

He’s been living well in Argentina with the fortune he made fighting Mayweather. Now, however, some boxing fans believe Maidana is broke, and that’s why he’s coming back. Only Maidana knows he’s decided to get serious and return to the ring.

“At 36-years-old, I’m at my best,” said Maidana on his Instagram.

The way Maidana looks in the photo, some believe that it may be photo-shopped because he’s sporting six-pack abs for the first time in his career. Even when Maidana was in the prime of his career for his fights against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Adrien Broner, he didn’t have a cut-up midsection.

Now, suddenly after dropping an enormous amount of weight, the 36-year-old Maidana is looking like a statue. So what gives? How did Maidana achieve the look that he has now?

Maidana will be fighting a 45-year-old former kickboxer after the lockdown ends at some point.

The last time Maidana fought was in September 2014 in losing a 12 round decision to Mayweather in their rematch. That was the second time that the hard-hitting Maidana had lost to Mayweather.

Marcos has had a lot of time to train

A couple of years ago, Maidana attempted to make a comeback but quit during training. He looked in great shape back then, but the strenuous exercise turned out to be too much, and he ended his come back bid.

Hopefully, that isn’t a photoshop trick done to make Maidana look better than he is.

This time, Maidana hasn’t quit, and he’s looking the best he’s ever looked, which isn’t surprising because he’s had more time to train. In the past, Maidana would balloon up in weight in between fights, and then take off all the weight during his eight-week training camps. With Maidana training now, he’s had many months to lose weight, and this has resulted in him looking trimmer than ever before.

It’s one thing for Maidana to look good, and another thing for him to be able to still fight at the same level. You have to remember that Maidana is 36 now, and he hasn’t fought in six years. He hasn’t lived a spartan lifestyle during his years out of the ring. He’s enjoyed the food and drink, and he’s lived a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s going to be difficult for Maidana to try and regain his old form. Even the Maidana that fought Mayweather twice would have problems with the top welterweights in this era.¬†When you’ve been out of the ring for as long as Maidana has, it’s challenging to return and perform well.

Maidana missed out on a lot of years by not returning to the ring from 2015 to 2019. He should have already made a comeback because he could have fought the likes of Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, Manny Pacquiao, Shawn porter, and Terence Crawford.

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