‘Kell Brook NEVER cut corners in training’ – Dominic Ingle

By Boxing News - 02/08/2020 - Comments

By Tim Royner: Kell Brook’s long-time trainer Dominic Ingle refutes what Kell has been saying the past two weeks about him having “cut corners” in his training during his 16-year career by not giving it 100% effort. Ingle says that’s NOT true.

Brook is fighting junior middleweight contender Mark DeLuca (24-1, 13 KOs) tonight at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England. This will be Kell’s first fight in 14 months, and supposedly it’ll be him at 100% effort for the first time in his career.

If Brook loses this fight against DeLuca or struggles, he’ll have to face the reality that his “cutting corners” excuse that he’s been giving isn’t the reason why he’s looked poor since 2016.

Brook (38-2, 26 KOs) has ALWAYS trained hard, and is one of the hardest working fighters there is, according to Ingle. He says other fighters in his gym like Kid Galahad will attest to that. Brook has been a hard working fighter the entire time he’s been with him.

The only thing Ingle has doubts about is whether Brook has cut corners when not in the gym, as far as eating things he shouldn’t or not getting enough rest.

Is Brook trying to fool himself?

Maybe Brook feels that he needs an excuse to give the boxing public why he failed to perform in his fights against Michael Zerafa, Errol Spence Jr. and Gennadiy Golovkin.

It could also be that Brook, 33, feels he needs to convince himself that he could have been better in those fights. Rather than face the truth, that Brook wasn’t good enough, he’s trying to fool himself.

Ingle: Few fighters have trained as hard as Kell

“We’ve had this conversation before. Kell was a massive 147, and he can make 147 with the way he trains,” said Dominic Ingle to iFL TV. “Not with the way he trains, because he always trains hard. We’ve heard him say he’s ‘Cut corners’ in all of his fights,” said Ingle about Kell.

“The thing is, he might have cut corners outside of the gym, but if you ask anybody inside the gym, Kid Galahad, or anybody that’s trained with him, he may have cut corners with his food or he may have had a crafty drink or a chocolate bar,” said Ingle on Brook.

“That’s where he may have cut corners or he may not have gotten enough sleep,” continued Ingle in refuting Brook’s statement about him cutting corners in training. “But I will tell you one thing, looking back over his career, the way he’s trained, there’s very few people that have trained as hard as him,” said Ingle on Brook.

There it is. Ingle denies that Brook hasn’t been putting out maximum 100 percent effort in his training camps. As such, you now have to ask why Brook has chosen to tell fans he’s not trained hard. Is it a way of making sure the fans don’t drift away? If Brook is telling them that he can do better, then the fans will dismiss the fact that he’s looked poor since 2016.

Brook would do better if he just gave credit to GGG, Spence and Zerafa. They fought better than he did at times, and gave him huge problems. Obviously, the eye injuries Brook suffered against Golovkin and Spence didn’t help his case, but he likely wouldn’t have won those fights anyway.

Brook can make 147 for Khan fight says Ingle

“He can make 147, but after the age of 30, rehydrating back up again, and being good going back into the ring again is a different thing,” said Ingle on Kell’s ability to make 147. “You can do it when you’re young before 30. So you can’t do it after 30 effectively.

“That’s why 154 is good for Kell Brook, because the rehydration process and making weight process is so much easier, and it doesn’t affect your performance massively than when you’re making weight at a weight that you should no longer be making,” said Ingle. “So I think that’s where he’s going to be at 154.

“I think if the [Amir] Khan fight came at 147, I think Kell could do it,” said Ingle. “I think Khan is so far gone with what he’s done in his career, it kind of balances out. It would affect Kell as far as stamina-wise and punch-wise, but Khan doesn’t have a chin anymore. It’s only a matter of time before Kell catches up to him, because I think Kell has worn better than Khan has.

“Khan has been knocked out a lot of times,” said Ingle. “Kell has never been knocked out. He’s been stopped on his feet. So for that fight, he could do it, if it ever comes around. But I think 154 is where he needs to be,” said Ingle.

I don’t know why Ingle is even bothering to mention Amir Khan as someone that Brook could fight at 147. It looks bad for Brook to still be banging the drum for a fight against Khan. Kell sounds deluded each time he mentions Khan’s name, and a lot of boxing fans wonder what’s up with him.

Brook wants the big fights after DeLuca

“When he gets in there, it won’t be nice,” said Brook to Behind The Gloves on Deluca. “I know all these kinds of mind games. He’s going to come and bring it, and he’s not coming to lay down. He’ll be giving it his all. He only has one loss, and he avenged that loss.

“I think he’s a good fighter. Mind games,” said Brook when asked why he was fighting out of the southpaw stance in his workout on Friday with trainer Dominic Ingle. “It’s mind games, and that’s why I was in the southpaw stance. I usually switch, but I stayed in there. I got you thinking, so what are they thinking,” said Brook about Team DeLuca.

“Not ‘if,’ when,” said Brook about his certainty that he’ll defeat DeLuca. “I’m ready for them fights straightaway. I’ll sit down with Eddie [Hearn] and the team. Whatever the best is for me, that’s what I’ll be doing. There’s politics in the game, you know? We’ve got a plan. In 2020, no shadow of a doubt, I’ll be winning a title.

“Danny Garcia, of course,” said Brook when asked if he’d like to fight Garcia. “He’s a very good champion, and a very good fighter, Danny Garcia. Of course, those are the guys that we want. I can bring the fans out and give them a great night of boxing,” said Brook.

Danny Garcia isn’t a likely fight for Brook, and he should put him out of his mind entirely. The type of fights that are available for Brook are guys like Liam Williams, Liam Smith, Sam Eggington or Julian Williams. Those are tough fights for Brook, but he might be able to win. J-Rock and Liam Smith would be more than a handful for Brook.

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