Chavez Jr. hospitalized, having NOSE surgery after loss to Jacobs

By Boxing News - 12/21/2019 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (51-4-1, 33 KOs) checked into a hospital following his loss to Daniel Jacobs (36-3, 30 KOs) last Friday night, and he says he’s having nose surgery to repair it following hi 5th round stoppage defeat at the Talking Stick Resort Arena, in Phoenix.

Chavez Jr. insists that Jacobs broke his nose with an elbow, and that he never proved that he was the superior fighter in boxing. As for the reason why he chose not to continue fighting after the 5th round, Chavez Jr. says his broken nose prevented him from breathing, and that he was swallowing a lot of blood.

Chavez’s nose was still bleeding a day after the fight, and looked badly swollen. Nevertheless, it’s common for fighters to compete with broken noses, and it was unusual that Chavez Jr. chose to bow out of the fight after Jacobs broke his nose in the 5th.

In looking at the 5th round, Chavez’s nose started bleeding after Jacobs hit him with a right hand uppercut. There was no elbow thrown by Jacobs. It might have felt like an elbow, because Jacobs put some power behind the shot, and he threw with a lot of speed.

Chavez Jr. had stopped throwing punches at that point, and he looked gassed. Jacobs took advantage of Chavez’s lull in throwing punches by unleashing a series of hard head shots that opened up a cut over his left eye, and bloodied his nose.

Chavez Jr. reveals he’s having nose surgery

“To clarify, yesterday after the fight, I came to the hospital, because I had a broken nose from a forearm,” said Chavez Jr. via Fighthype. “Here I got 10 stitches,” said Chavez Jr pointing to his left side of his eye. “People ask why the fight ended? It’s because I couldn’t breathe.

“So I want to clarify that he didn’t beat me boxing. He hit me with forearms,” said Chavez Jr. I had an elbow hit me and give me 10 stitches. I’ve been here at the hospital since yesterday. I’m having nose surgery today. Stylistically, he was never superior to me. It’s simply that his style was very dirty.

“Well, it’s okay. He cut me with an elbow, by a poke,” said Chavez Jr. about Jacobs. “So I don’t see that he beat me in boxing. It was very even. I think I may have been up on the cards, but I couldn’t breathe. I could not continue fighting. Nothing more to realize. Well, if you see the fight, you will see the situation,” Chavez Jr. said.

The excuse that Chavez Jr. is giving for quitting isn’t working thus far for him, as the boxing public doesn’t care that he was having problems breathing out of his nose. Chavez Jr. could have mouth-breathed like fighters do when they suffer broken noses.

Maybe this was the first time that Chavez Jr. has suffered a broken nose during his career. He seems to have reacted in a way that suggests that was a new experience for him, and he wasn’t ready to just take the pain.

Jacobs’ punches didn’t do this to me – Chavez Jr.

“There were no punches that could have done this to me,” said Chavez Jr. “This was from the elbows, and from the forearm. So I wanted to clarify what the situation is. And why I decided not to keep fighting is because I was swallowing a lot of blood.

“I couldn’t breathe. What I want to tell you is that now I don’t know,” aid Chavez Jr. “Boxing-wise, he wasn’t superior to me. Watch the fight, and see if he did this from any punches. You watch the fight. Today in boxing, it seems that it’s not right that they didn’t take two points for the elbow. Especially for the one that gave me 10 stitches, and that was where it started to burn,” said Chavez Jr.

In looking at the fight again, it appears that Chavez Jr. suffered his broken nose from a wicked right hand that Jacobs hit him with. Unless Jacobs landed a phantom elbow, Chavez’s eye and nose problems were caused by punches. It doesn’t matter though. Chavez Jr. would have still quit even if his nose was broken by punches.

Is Chavez Jr. trying to have the results of the fight overturned?

With all the complaining Chavez Jr., it almost sounds like he’s hoping the fight will be changed a no contest. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Chavez Jr. choosing to bow out of the fight looks bad, period. Having the fight result changed to a no contest won’t change the perception the boxing public have about Chavez Jr. being seen as a quitter.

Chavez Jr. to start training in six weeks

“I started losing visibility, but everything is fine here, and we are getting out from the hospital, and hopefully in six weeks we start preparing.” said Chavez Jr. “Greetings to all, and also apologies for not being able to continue. I really wanted to clarify what was the reason for which the fight was stopped. Thank you,” said Chavez Jr.

Wow, it looks like Chavez Jr. will be continuing his boxing career after all. Some fans thought that Chavez Jr. would surely retire following this embarrassing defeat, but it looks like he plans on continuing his career.

After the way Chavez Jr. struggled in the build up to the fight, that alone may make it difficult for him to get a big fight. Then when you add in the way that Chavez Jr. quit in the fight, it’s like a mad witches brew, and it’s likely to scare off the networks and promoters from wanting to use him. The way that the Jacobs fight ended was far worse than how Chavez Jr. failed to perform agains Canelo Alvarez in 2017.

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