Eddie Hearn reacts to Gervonta Davis’ “lumpy” $10 million Tweet

By Boxing News - 09/02/2019 - Comments

By Allan Fox: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis posted on social media this week that he would be interested in getting $10 million for a fight against IBF super featherweight champion Tevin Farmer. While that may seem high to some, it’s a reasonable amount for a fighter who is fast becoming the next big star in the U.S.

Hearn to consider $10 million request by Tank Davis

This figure is well above the $5 million that was offered to him by Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn. However, Hearn is now saying that he’s going to consider the $10 million request by Davis (22-0, 21 KOs), and run it by DAZN to see if they’re willing to meet that price.

Hearn says he was hoping that Davis, 24, would ask for $7 million, because he views $10 million as “lumpy figure. He doesn’t think the Davis vs. Farmer fight is worth that amount for Gervonta. What really makes it difficult to see Davis getting $10M is the fact that Farmer (30 4-1, 6 KOs) isn’t a big name. Farmer is only been a world champion since 2018, and he’s defended his IBF four times against weak opposition. One can argue that the 29-year-old Farmer is a textbook definition of a paper champion.

Hearn: Gervonta Davis not worth $10M

“10 is lumpy,” said Hearn to Fighthype when told about Gervonta wanting $10 million for Tevin Farmer fight. “Leonard Ellberbe, as soon as he woke up, five or six Tweets about me. I am living so deep inside Leonard Ellerbe’s head rent free. It’s driving him crazy. I bet he hasn’t buffed his crocodile shoes in weeks. Would I give him $10 million? I don’t think he’s worth $10 million for that fight. But I might just do it for the banter. We’ll see. We’ll think about it,” said Hearn.

Tank Davis has vacated WBA title and is moving to 135

Hearn might want to think hard about giving Gervonta the $10 million that he’s asking for, because he vacated his WBA 130-lb title this weekend. He plans on moving up to lightweight, which moves him out of Farmer’s division. If Farmer wants to fight Davis now, he’s going to need to fight at 135.

For the big payday, Farmer would likely move up five pounds to face Davis at lightweight. He would already be a tremendous underdog against him even if they fought each other t super featherweight. Nothing changes in that regard with Davis moving up in weight. Farmer will still be just as much an underdog at 135 as he would at 130.

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Hearn to speak with DAZN about Gervonta’s $10 million request

“We’ll speak to DAZN. Gervonta wants to come and make the money, you know?” said Hearn. “So we’ll see. Between four and five and six [million dollars]. I think he [Farmer] got offered 2 [million from Ellerbe]. He’s not going to take the fight for $2 million, is he? So it was 5 and 2 [million], the two offers. 60/40, I thought was fair, but 70-30. It’s up to Tevin. 10 is lumpy. I was hoping he’d say something like seven [million], but we’ll see,” said Hearn.