Spence vs Porter: Errol Spence ready to take the next step

By Raj Parmar - 07/29/2019 - Comments

Image: Spence vs Porter: Errol Spence ready to take the next step

By Raj Parmar – On September 28 the star studded welterweight division will get a little more clearer as two title holders will be battle each other for the right to hold two of the four major belts in the division. The undefeated IBF champion Errol Spence will step into the ring with WBC champ Shawn Porter in a highly anticipated clash in the most exciting division in boxing.

The fight will be on pay per view and will be Spence’s second fight in a row on pay per view. His last fight against fellow undefeated fighter Mikey Garcia did a solid 360,000 buys and Spence will be looking to continue his momentum against Porter.

When Floyd Mayweather retired, the welterweight division had a void to fill in terms of having a signature fighter that was king of the division. Spence is aiming to take the position and his first step toward it will be if he can take down Porter and begin to unify the titles.

Manny Pacquiao has been a huge star in the division and although he has taken a few losses, he still today remains the most popular boxer at welterweight. Manny just beat the previously unbeaten Keith Thurman and strengthened his position as the top draw in the division.

Spence has been eagerly clamoring for a fight with Manny and has stated he is more than willing to fight Manny anytime and anywhere. It has been suspected among many boxing fans that Manny’s team is steering him away from Spence as the Pacman is now in his forties and may be risking his heath taking on a elite fighter of Spence’s calibre.

Not being able to get inside the ring with Manny to help push him to the next level of mainstream popularity, Spence has to increase his fan base the hard way which is by defeating the highest level of competition available to him. The matchup against Porter represents just that and if Spence can get ahold of the WBC title to add to his IBF belt, he will be on his way to filling the void as boxing’s next welterweight king.