Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

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Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

By Kenneth Friedman: Tyson Fury will be receiving a purse of $1 million for his 12 round fight against Tom Schwarz on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to ESPN. However, Fury’s purse has an additional guarantee of $12.5 million as part of his contract with Top Rank and ESPN, according to ESPN.

(Photo Credit: Mikey Williams / Top Rank)

That’s pretty good money for what amounts to be a tune-up level fight for Fury, and not one in which he’ll have a threat of losing.

Schwarz will be getting a purse of $250,000, but he’s expected to make over $1 million, according to Dan Rafael. That’s excellent money for an opponent in a non-title fight against a non-world champion.

Other purses

– Sullivan Barrera $125,000 vs. Jesse Hart $150,000

– Mikaela Mayer $20k vs. Lizbeth Crespo Not available

– Andy Vences $20,000 vs. Albert Bell $20,000

– Isaac Lowe $20,000 vs. Duarn Vue $20,000

– Cem Kilic $4,000 vs. Martez McGregor $5,000

– Sonny Conto $4,000 vs. Daniel Infante $3,000

– Guido Vianello $10,000 vs. Keenan Hickman $4,000

– Peter Kadiru $1,000 vs. Juan Torres $4,000

Fury says he’s not overlooking Schwarz as an opponent, but we’ll need to see if that’s the case. Anthony Joshua told his boxing fans that he wasn’t overlooking his opponent Andy Ruiz Jr. the week of their recent fight on June 1, but he still wound up getting knocked out in the seventh round. Fury is going to need to prove that he’s not overlooking Schwarz by going out and performing on Saturday night.


Fury vs. Schwarz will be shown on ESPN+. Fury weighed in at 263 pounds on Friday compared to Schwarz’s 245.5 pounds. Although Fury came in a little heavier than in his last two fights against Deontay Wilder and Francesco Pianeta. It’s possible that the extra weight that Fury put on was muscle, because he’s been working hard since his 12 round draw against Deontay last December.

All that gym work has seemingly paid off with Fury having added more muscle, and trimmed off additional fat. Fury has reportedly been knocking down his sparring partners in training camp in preparation for this fight with Schwarz. Fury’s trainer Ben Davison boasts of the progress Fury has made in his conditioning, and he feels he’s a different animal than the fighter that was knocked down twice by Wilder last December.

Other weigh-in results

Jesse Hart 174 lbs vs. Sullivan Barrera 173.5 lbs

(Light Heavyweight – 10 Rounds)

Judges/Referee: Eric Cheek, Steve Weisfeld, Tim Cheatham/Jay Nady

ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes (7 p.m. ET)

Mikaela Mayer 130.2 lbs vs. Lizbeth Crespo 131 lbs

(Super Featherweight – 10 Rounds)

• Andy Vences 129 lbs vs. Albert Bell 129 lbs

(Vences’ WBC Continental Americas Super Featherweight belt – 10 Rounds)

• Isaac Lowe 124.6 lbs vs. Duarn Vue 123.8 lbs

(Lowe’s WBC International Featherweight belt – 10 Rounds)

• Guido Vianello 238 lbs vs. Keenan Hickman 268.5 lbs

(Heavyweight – 6 Rounds)

• Peter Kadiru 233 lbs Juan Torres 258 lbs

(Heavyweight – 4 Rounds)

Swing bouts

Sonny Conto 214.4 lbs Daniel Infante 221.5 lbs

(Heavyweight – 4 Rounds)

Cem Kilic 168 lbs Martez McGregor 166.5 lbs

(Super Middleweight – 8 Rounds)

Fury is calling himself the “lineal heavyweight champion,” but it’s still not the same as him being one of the world champions. Currently, the world champions at heavyweight are Andy Ruiz [IBF/WBA/WBO] and Deontay Wilder [WBC]. There were rumors that the WBO could be stripped from Ruiz, and put up for grabs for the Fury vs. Schwarz fight on Saturday night, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K

Image: Purses: Fury $1M, Schwarz $250K