Mark Little interview

By Oliver McManus: Here at Boxing News 24 we love to take a look at some cracking young prospects coming through the ranks and it’s no different when it comes to the British cruiserweight Mark Little – a 7 and 0, 6ft tall fighter from Romford in London.

Aged 29 and with no amateur experience, Little was arguably a little late to the professional game when he made his debut in November 2015; against Moses Matovu he comfortably outpointed the durable journeyman and went on to impress over the course of his following bouts.
Back on the 17th March of this year he was in action against Tomislav Rudan and was involved in an awkward encounter, being dropped in the 3rd round, but Little promises to learn from that bout and be back better than ever.

I’ll stop rambling on – find out what the man himself had to say last week when I spoke to him;

Pleasure to speak to you mate, we’ve been shining the spotlight on British cruiserweights over the past few months – the likes of Richard Riakporhe, Chris Billam-Smith and Isaac Chamberlain – where do you think you sit with them at the moment?

I feel very comfortable where I am in the division at the moment bearing in mind I didn’t have amateur career.

You’ve been a in the paid ranks since 2015, 7-0, are you looking to get a fair few fights under your belt in 2018 to move along quite swiftly?

Yeah I’d like to get 5 fights in this year and hopefully I will get a southern title Fight by the end of the year.

I remember seeing your fight with Darren Snow, not the greatest of opponent, but you took him out in two rounds with some crunching body shots. Would you say that’s your best performance to date?

Darren Snow is a tough man. I’d seen him fight a few big names in boxing. I love a body shot and yeah it was probably my best performance to date.

You’re a West Ham man, how much does it motivate you when your fellow fans turn out in support of you?

I’m a massive West Ham fan. I love it that the fans have taken too me and there is no better feeling then walking out to the singing my name. Best fans in the world.

And you’re next out on May 26th, at York Hall, what performance can we expect?

A lot better then my last. I’ll learn from some silly mistakes in my last fight and put them right in my next performance.

Quick question, outside of your career, GGG/Canelo, what’s your take?

GGG to win again if it goes ahead. Too big to strong.

Something I do want to touch on is that 20% of your ticket sales will go to support Isla Caton. Tell us about how you got involved with her battle against cancer.

Being a West Ham fan like Isla I see it as the perfect opportunity to help this young beautiful brave little girl out as much as possible. She is a real inspiration to how she fights the toughest fights yet always has a smile on her face.

You’re managed by Steve Goodwin, how much does he influence you?

Steve in a great manager very helpful and understanding. He has been great with me since day one. And I’m sure I will repay him with titles in the future.

And finally, this time next year where can we expect you to be in your career?

At a minimum I want to be southern area champion and looking at bigger titles in the division.

Refreshingly honest then from the Mark, he’ll next be in action on the 26th May at York Hall, Bethnal Green so get down there and show some love!