Sam Eggington vs. Frankie Gavin – Results

By Boxing News - 10/22/2016 - Comments

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By Scott Gilfoid: Sam Eggington (19-3, 11 KOs) was too much for former welterweight world title challenger Frankie Gavin (23-3, 14 KOs) in stopping him in the 8th round on Saturday night to claim the vacant WBC International welterweight title at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, Uk.

The 23-year-old Eggington hurt Gavin with a hard right to the body in the 8th. Eggington then continued to throw punch after to punch to the body of the badly hurt Gavin until the referee stepped in and halted the fight. The 5’11” Eggington looked like a young version of Antonio Margarito with the way he was attacking Gavin throughout the fight with a massive amount of punches.

The shots weren’t the hardest, but the sheer number of punches that Eggington threw in the fight slowly wore Gavin down until the fight was halted. Gavin had problems with Eggington’s body punches, as he couldn’t take those shots well like he was with the shots to the head.

Gavin spoke after the fight of wanting to fight Eggington again. I wouldn’t recommend that Gavin do that, because Eggington is unstoppable right now with his volume work rate. Gavin isn’t going to be able to deal with that kind of attack no matter how many times he fights Eggington. Gavin doesn’t move well enough to keep from getting trapped by Eggington, and I fear that it would be worse for Gavin if he fights him again. Eggington knows how to beat him by attacking his body.

The 31-year-old Gavin missed making weight for the fight in coming in at 149¾. As such, the World Boxing Council International welterweight title was only available for the 23-year-old Eggington. You have to wonder whether Gavin’s struggles to make weight weakened him for the fight, because he did not look well when he was getting nailed by body shots. For fighters that struggle to make weight, they sometimes have problems when taking body shots. However, Gavin also had problems when taking body shots in his losses to Kell Brook and Leonard Bundu in the past. Either Gavin can’t handle body shots or maybe he’s been having problems making the 147lb limit for some times. If Gavin isn’t interested in retiring from boxing after this fight, he might want to think about moving up to the 154lb division so that he doesn’t have to struggle to make the 147lb limit each time. Gavin might be stronger if he doesn’t have to melt down so much. I don’t think it’s a discipline problem for Gavin with him having problems making the welterweight limit. I believe it’s more of a case of Gavin being a natural junior middleweight in terms of his body size.

In a real shocker, 2012 Olympian Anthony Ogogo (11-1, 7 KOs) was stopped in the 8th round by Craig Cunningham (17-1, 4 KOs) tonight on the undercard of the Eggington vs. Gavin fight. Cunningham, 28, knocked Ogogo down in the 2nd round. Ogogo never seemed to recover from those knockdown, as he continued to take punishment until he was stopped in the 8th. It looked to me like Ogogo just quit in his corner after being given a timeout to have tape removed. The referee Ian John Lewis stopping the action worked in Ogogo’s favor because he looked like he was on the verge of getting knocked out in the clinical sense by Cunningham.

The results of this fight leaves a lot of questions about whether Ogogo has the talent to amount to something in the 160lb division. Ogogo shouldn’t have been knocked out by a light puncher like Cunningham, who has a 22% KO percentage. For Cunningham to TKO Ogogo like he did tonight, it makes you wonder about Agogo’s punch resistance. Cunningham was nailing Ogogo with right hooks to the head throughout the fight, and he had no defense for those shots.

By the 4th round, Ogogo looked tired and punch drunk. His face was red, and was taking too many accurate shots from Cunningham. I was impressed with Cunningham. He reminded me a lot of a younger version of Andre Ward. He was standing back and picking Ogogo apart like a young Ward. It was interesting to watch this guy, because he’s a lot more talented than his record would have you believe.

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