Malik Scott: Anthony Joshua is a spoiled, insecure black David Price

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joshua567787By Scott Gilfoid: Heavyweight Malik Scott does not think too much of British/Commonwealth heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (15-0, 15 KOs), who he sees as a spoiled, insecure brat, who he sees as a black version of David Price.

Scott doesn’t say why he sees the 6’6” Joshua as another Price, but it’s possible that he might have seen Joshua struggle in sparring when the two fighters were in former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko’s training camp a couple of years ago.

Scott is not too happy with Joshua after the British fighter chose not to shake his hand after he congratulated him following his 7th round stoppage win over his nemesis Dillian Whyte earlier this month on December 12th at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Scott had predicted ahead of time that Whyte would beat Joshua, and it appears that the prediction might have upset Joshua.

“I see a lot of loopholes and insecurity in him,” Scott said to “I extended my hand out to congratulate him on a job well done and he kind of rejected my gesture and said he was upset at me for basically backing Dillian to beat him. I just think it’s [expletive] for another man to get mad at another man for picking or backing his comrade to win.”

Yeah, I totally agree with Malik. There are many loopholes in Joshua’s game that I see, and I think those flaws are going to get exploited at some point in the future when he starts facing better opposition. I think Whyte would have taken advantage of them if he had not come into the fight with a left shoulder injury. Malik mentioned knowing about Dillian’s shoulder injury going into the fight, but he still felt that he would win.

Unfortunately, for Dillian, he re-injured his shoulder in the second round after nailing Joshua with a hard left to the head that had him hurt. After the injury, Dillian’s left shoulder looked weak, and was unable to get any power at all on his left hand punches for the remainder of the fight.

“I thought Dillian did a fantastic job…regardless of his injury going into the fight,” Malik said.

I agree with Mr. Malik. I think Whyte did an incredible job of showing his warrior heart in sticking it out after his injury in the second round of that contest. I believe many fighters would have quit on their stools after they suffered a similar injury to their shoulders, especially if the injury involved their main weapon.

Dillian’s No.1 weapon in his arsenal is his left hand. When that was taken away by his injury in the second round, he was then forced to try to win using only his right hand. You are not going to win too many fights with just one hand. I do not care who you’re fighting. It is very difficult to win one-handed. We saw with former WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in his fight against Dereck Chisora in 2012.

YouTube video

In the first round, Vitali was teeing off on Chisora in blasting him with everything he threw. The fight looked like terrible mismatch. However, in the second round, Vitali injured his left shoulder, which forced him to fight one-handed for the remainder of the fight. While Vitali still won the fight by a lopsided 12 round unanimous decision, it ended up being a difficult fight for him because he only had his right hand to work with.

“[expletive] AJ [Anthony Joshua], and I see exactly what Dillian Whyte has always said about him. He’s a spoiled [expletive], period!” Malik said. “He’s the black David Price.”
Oh my, Malik is really going off on Joshua and lashing him for what he perceives as insecurities on his part.

Here is one of Malik Scott’s videos he said before the Joshua-Whyte fight:

YouTube video

The flaws that Malik chose not to talk about in Joshua’s game are his stamina issues, his flat-footed stance, his lack of explosiveness with his punches, and his chin. Those areas can and will likely be exploited in the near future when Joshua faces a big puncher that can push a fast pace against him. I think Whyte would have done it if he had not suffered the shoulder injury in the 2nd round.

Joshua will be fighting next on April 9th at the O2 Arena in London, UK. Scott thinks that Joshua could wind up facing Jason Gavern again rather than Dereck Chisora. Hearn and Joshua want EBU champion Robert Helenius, but it is doubtful they’ll get him unless Hearn throws ridiculous money at him.

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