Artur Beterbiev and his future

By Sebastian Mora - 04/05/2015 - Comments

beterbiev63By Sebastian Mora: First of all, I will start by saying that I though Gabriel Campillo was going to atleast give Artur Beterbiev a solid 7 or 8 rounds. Gabriel Campillo is a fighter that lost a split decision to Beibut Shumenov (Boxer Hopkins got huge credit for beating) which many people thought could have gone either way.  

After that, he went on to fight and BEAT Karo Murat, (Another boxer Hopkins got huge credit for beating) although it was a split draw, anybody that watches that fight knows that it was mostly a hometown decision. No disrespect to Karo Murat of course.

Also, in many people’s eyes he was the first one to BADLY expose former IBF world light heavyweight champion Tavoris Cloud. A guy that Hopkins and Stevenson bragged about beating for a long time. After that he went on to obviously lose against Sergey Kovalev by 3rd TKO, and Andrzej Fonfara by 9th round KO.

Conclusion is  that if you look at who Artur Beterbiev just fought yesterday, you will realize that he whooped a guy that is used to going to the favorite boxer’s hometown, and upsetting them in front of their fans, he’s not a boxer that will just go for a paycheck and fake a KO. Artur Beterbiev showed that he could figure a tricky, somewhat slick and tall southpaw within 4 rounds, and not only win but win convincingly. The record of the opponents this guy has fought so far is 139 W 96 L and 9 draws combine, and this is just Beterbiev’s 8th professional fight. I am not somebody that likes to hype fighters up, but this guy does look like he has the tools to beat anybody in the division, of course at the right time.

Would I like to see him fight Sergey Kovalev or Adonis Stevenson right away? No, because I think he will lose, not badly but I still see him loosing. Is he better than them? I truly think he is better than Kovalev and Stevenson. The reason why I think he will loose to them if he was going to fight them next, is because you can’t ignore the experience that those 8,9,10,11, and 12th rounds give a boxer. Is one thing to fight a guy that is used to going 12 rounds, but loosing majority of the fights, than a guy that has gone 12 rounds with SOLID COMPETITION and won.  Adonis Stevenson and Sergey Kovalev could, and WILL capitalize on some mistakes that Beterbiev made tonight, not because he’s not good, but because he’s still green in the pro game.

Gabriel Campillo, Nathan Cleverly, Bernard Hopkins, Jean Pascal, Chad Dawson, Tavoris Cloud, Andrzej Fonfara, and Sakio Bika are all men that have tried to beat those two at top of the division but have failed to do so. The most impressive thing is that they are all LEGIT top 10 contenders.

I would like to see Artur Beterbiev against somebody like the Colombian power puncher Eleider STORM Alvarez, he is also a decorated amateur living in Montreal Canada. Even though I see Beterbiev eventually stopping the Colombian fighter, I think he could give Beterbiev some solid rounds with his speed, decent power, and decent skills. The most important thing is that he is fresh, just like Beterbiev is. Also Beterbiev could try to get Bika, Dawson, Pascal, Fonfara or any light heavyweight not named Kovalev or Stevenson next.

No matter who he fights, you could be sure I will be watching and many other as well. I think this guy with the right corner and the right team could beat anybody under 175 pounds. Who wouldn’t like to see Beterbiev fight Andre Ward at the end of 2016?  I mean, that would be a great fight between two extremely talented and intelligent fighters.  What do you think of Artur Beterbiev fight fans? Do you think he’s the real deal?

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