Bradley hints he’ll get dirty if Diego Chaves does on Saturday

By Boxing News - 12/09/2014 - Comments

bradley677By Dan Ambrose: Former two division world champion Tim Bradley is hoping that his opponent Diego Chaves keeps it clean when the two of them face each other this Saturday night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bradley thinks that Chaves is a dirty fighter, even though he’s never really shown himself to be an especially dirty fighter in the past.

Bradley is hinting that if Chaves chooses to make the fight dirty then he could respond with something to negate that. Just what Bradley will do is hard to say, but it would be a disappointment if he turned the fight into a head-butt and low blow affair just because he was fouled once or twice.

“If he gonna get dirty, I’m prepared,” Bradley said via “I’ve got a plan for everything he likes to do, so he needs to recognize and just fight a good fight and don’t be dirty in there, because you don’t want to get me to get dirty.”

Let’s hope that Bradley doesn’t accidently head-butt Chaves to get things started, because Bradley has been known to clash heads with his opponents in the past. Chaves probably isn’t going to respond to getting head-butted by Bradley in a positive way, even if it is an accidental head-butt.

Instead of worrying about getting fouled by Chaves, Bradley should be more concerned about not getting clipped by one of the Argentinian fighters big power shots because his power makes him a lot more dangerous than one of his occasional fouls.

If you look at Chaves’ last fight against Brandon Rios, the fouls that Chaves did in that fight seemed to be in response to him being fouled by Rios first. When Chaves would initiate a clinch, Rios would frequently lower his head and stick it into the face of Chaves.

We saw that move pulled by Rios pretty much all night long. Since clinching is part of the game, it’s surprising that Rios would sticking his head into the face of Chaves when he was being clinched.

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