Is Al Haymon looking to patch things up with HBO?

By BoxingNerd - 08/30/2014 - Comments

By D.A: Recently we’ve seen Golden boy promotions President and founder Oscar De la Hoya fix the broken relationship his company had with HBO under former Golden boy CEO Richard Schaefer. With Schaefer out of the boxing picture for a while- to possibly as long as 2018 (because of his non-compete clause that stretches to 2018), boxing’s cold war looks to be about 80-90% finished.

It’s not a secret to the boxing world the most powerful and most influential manager/advisor is the shadowy Al Haymon. Haymon has fighters not only from Golden Boy under his roster but from other companies such as Goosen-Tutor promotions. A good chunk of Golden boy’s fighters are not actually signed to the company and are actually just signed to Haymon whom he uses Golden boy to promote these fighters, such as Robert Guerrero, Keith Thurman, and Erislandy Lara.

When HBO stopped televising Golden Boy on its network, Haymon and his guys were also left HBO. Since then Golden Boy and Haymon have taken their cards and showcased them exclusively on Showtime. Thus the cold war began and the main rivalry was Golden Boy/Al Haymon/Showtime vs Top Rank/HBO. Well now things have changed and Oscar De la Hoya and Bob Arum seem to be on good terms now and will co-promote future cards together.

One fight Oscar mentioned today was Danny Garcia vs Manny Pacquiao in 2015. His exact quote to was “You could have Danny Garcia versus Manny Pacquiao. What a fight that would be. That’s what I want to talk to Bob Arum about. Danny Garcia versus Manny Pacquaio? You would have a young, strong bull versus the not-so-strong bull in Manny. Those are the types of fights and matches that I want to talk to Bob and see what we can come up with”.

Garcia like many others is managed and advised by Haymon. While I’m not sure if Arum is on good or bad terms with Haymon, we all know HBO is not or was not last time we heard. If Oscar is indeed interested in making that particular fight then Haymon would definetly be a part of that. Also if Haymon and HBO fix their relationship as well the cold war would definitely be over and much better fights would emerge. De la Hoya also stated he was going to contact Arum to co-promote a fight with the fighters not mentioned. If all this does go down and everyone gets along we can say the cold war is dead.

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