Haye thinks Groves can out-box Froch

By Boxing News - 05/30/2014 - Comments

haye899By Scott Gilfoid: David Haye is still sitting on the fence as far as who will win the Carl Froch vs. George Groves rematch on Saturday night. Being friends with both fighters, Haye appears to be purposely holding back his opinion about who he thinks will win the fight. But Haye does drop hints in how he thinks it’ll go when he talks about Groves’ ability to out-box Froch if that’s something that he plans on trying for this fight.

“I can see George out-boxing Carl. George is a very, very good boxer,” Haye said to IFL TV. “I’ve done a lot of rounds with him and he’s difficult to catch. When he decides to box, he’s very, very difficult. He’s hard to hit clean. He’s slippery, and he’s got fast hands. On the flipside, Carl has the most awkward style ever; he doesn’t do anything pretty. You don’t teach anyone to do that, but somehow it works.”

Haye absolutely doesn’t think Groves can KO Froch even if he tags him with a shot as hard as the one that he dropped him with in the 1st round in their previous fight. Haye thinks that Froch will be ready for Groves’ big shots and will brace himself for the shot. I’m not sure I agree with that, because there are plenty of fighters who go into a fight with a big puncher knowing that they’re going to get hit very hard, yet they still get knocked out. I mean, if Groves nails Froch with a hard enough shot, he’s going to go down. And if there’s a lot of time left in the round for Groves to finish him off, I see that happening.

There obviously wasn’t enough time for Groves to KO Froch in the 1st fight after he knocked him down late in the 1st round. If there was more time in the round, I definitely think Groves would have stopped Froch.

Groves would be crazy to go into a second fight with Froch trying to trade with him. Why do that when he can follow the blueprint that Andre Dirrell and Andre Ward created in out-boxing Froch. That seems like a heck of a lot better idea than trying to go in there and fight Froch’s fight. Froch only has one way of fighting and that’s to slug. Groves has options, and he already tried Froch’s method and it didn’t work. Now he needs to box him and focus on trying not to get hit.

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