Bellew wants Stevenson to beat Dawson on Saturday

By Boxing News - 06/06/2013 - Comments

dawson67By Scott Gilfoid: Tony Bellew is chomping at the bit to get a shot against Adonis Stevenson (20-1, 17 KO’s) and he’s really pulling for the 35-year-old fighter to beat WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson (31-2, 17 KO’s) this Saturday night at the Bell Centre, in Montreal, Canada.

Bellew feels he’d do a lot better against Stevenson than he would against the defensive artist Dawson, and I think I’d have to agree with him. Stevenson is a lot more vulnerable to Bellew than Dawson would be.

Bellew said to Sky Ringside “If I was a betting man, without a doubt it’s Dawson. But if I could pick [who wins], I’d take Stevenson. Me and him would be just a war! I’d literally go to his backyard to fight him.”

Bellew thinks Dawson has put his loss to Andre Ward behind him now and will be back to normal with him back at 175 and not weigh-drained in fighting at 168. Bellew said “He’ll [Dawson] put the demons away, and after he gets the first two or three rounds out of the way Stevenson is in trouble.”

I think Bellew might be wrong about this. Stevenson doesn’t stop being dangerous after three rounds. He’s not one of those types of sluggers. I’m guessing Bellew hasn’t seen Stevenson fight because if he had he’s know that he carries his power deep into his fights and he doesn’t stop being dangerous.

The power is there even in the 12th. Ask Don George. Stevenson is a mean puncher and if Dawson makes a mistake at point in the fight, he’s going to get knocked out cold or put in the situation where he might have to tell the referee to halt the fight.

I don’t think for a second that Dawson lost to Andre Ward due to the weight. You could just see in that fight that Dawson would have been in trouble against a fighter like Ward even at 175.

I think Stevenson will beat Dawson on Saturday night, and then I see Stevenson knocking Bellew out as well. Both of these guys are tall and made to order for a guy like Stevenson to knock out.

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