Arum: Rigondeaux wanted VADA contract in Spanish for Donaire fight

By Boxing News - 02/19/2013 - Comments

rigondeaux9By Chris Williams: Bob Arum of Top Rank is saying that WBA super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux merely wanted a Spanish version of the VADA [Voluntary Anti-Doping] contract before he’d agree to sign it for his fight with WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire on April 13th, according to Steve Kim. Arum is saying everything is fine now.

They had an interpreter brought in to create a Spanish version of the VADA contract for Rigondeaux to sign. It makes sense because how can you ask Rigondeaux to sign a contract if he can’t even read what he’s signing.

Earlier today, Donaire threatened to not sign the contract for the Rigondeaux fight if he didn’t agree to sign the VADA agreement. Donaire says that Rigondeaux had made a verbal agreement to the VADA testing, and he thought he wasn’t going to agree to the testing.

Donaire said on his twitter “Just to let you know, I never required my opponents to do VADA. Rigo CALLED me out AND agreed to do VADA testing on HIS OWN. It was also in negotiations, so why back out when you gave your word as a man?”

If Donaire doesn’t make his opponents agree to the VADA, then why is he making a big production out of it? If it doesn’t matter then why he bother getting upset about it? It obviously matters a lot to Donaire because this is nitpicking move to get upset about it if you don’t force your opponents to agree to it.

At any rate, Arum appears to have smoothed things over, and Rigondeaux’s manager Gary Hyde has already confirmed that Rigondeaux has no problems with signing the VADA agreement and he will be signing it to get their April 13th fight a done deal. Rigondeaux will reportedly be signing the contract on Wednesday.

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