Deontay Wilder faces Kelvin Price tonight in Los Angeles on Showtime

Kelvin Price and Deontay Wilder(Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime) By Scott Gilfoid: The fighter that many boxing fans see as the future of the heavyweight division Deontay Wilder (25-0, 25 KO’s) will be showing off his talent for the American fans tonight against Kelvin Price (13-0, 6 kO’s) on Showtime at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California. This is the first fight for the 6’7′ Wilder where he isn’t the bigger man.

Wilder, 27, is vowing to really go after the 6’7’ Price to turn the fight into a war and win impressively. For Wilder winning in style means an early knockout, because that’s been the norm for him since he turned pro in 2008 after winning a bronze medal in the Olympics that year for the United States.

Wilder did this with only a small handful of amateur fights going into the Olympics. In that regard, Wilder is a lot like George Foreman, who made it into the 1968 Olympics with a small number of amateur fights.

Wilder’s power is out of this world, and we’ll see that tonight when he starts landing his bombs on the defensive-minded Price. This fight is going to show how a knockout artist can still accomplish his goal of producing a KO even when facing a guy whose entire focus is just trying not to get knocked out.

I don’t expect Price to be trying to win the fight after the 1st round. Initially, Price will be looking to win but as soon as he tastes Wilder’s first big right hand it’s going to change his mind immediately about trying to beat him, and that’s if Price is still standing. Wilder can end a fight at any moment with his big power.

Wilder hasn’t gone past the fourth round yet during his career, because he’s knocked most of his opponents out in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Wilder has three 3rd round knockouts and two 4th round knockouts. The rest of Wilder’s Kos has been either 1st or 2nd round knockouts. That face right there tells you what kind of punching power Wilder has because any fighter that has that many knockouts in the first couple of rounds is a MAJOR puncher of the first order.

I expect Price to come out looking to throw a timid looking jab as a range finder to see if he can connect with it. Price has a bad habit of bending forward when throwing his jabs, and that’s going to make vulnerable for one of Wilder’s chopping right hands.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilder knocks Price down with the first right hand he hits him with, because Price will be bent over and will get knocked backwards from the shot and I can’t see him being able to keep his footing when getting hit with that kind of sledgehammer blow from Wilder. Once Price gets back up, Wilder will rush him and likely take him out with a flurry of hard mind numbing power shots to the head.

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