Broner vs. Burns: Ricky wins this one

By Boxing News - 11/22/2012 - Comments

Image: Broner vs. Burns: Ricky wins this oneBy Stevie Ocallaghan: A lot of talk is made of the fact that World Boxing Organization (WBO) lightweight champion Ricky Burns moved up in weight. Some think he ran from Adrien Broner. The actual fact is as you get older, you fill out and it was draining all physical reserves he had to try keep to the 9st 4 limit.

After the 4 round demolition of Kevin Mitchell, you could see Burns was far bigger and stronger, so why would you drain yourself to stay at an unnatural weight just to suit others when it’s not what’s best for you.

Adrien Broner couldn’t make the weight against Escobedo , but where was the furore surrounding that. Broner can’t make the super featherweight limit so he has moved up.

My point being that it’s ok for Broner but Burns is running. Wrong. You can listen to what certain other writers say about British fighters, but the fact is you can only beat who is in front of you.

Adrien Broner was very impressive in his win over Demarco and deserves a lot of credit, but he has been drip fed lower tier fighters much in the same way as Burns , but as I’ve said before, it’s about beating who’s in front of you.

In my mind a good big one beats a good little one and at 5’10” I think Burns, in particular with his excellent body punching can give a whole lot of trouble to the very talented 5’7″ Broner.

Burns v Broner Is a great match-up that needs to be made. Demarco, a good fighter but not exactly a great physical specimen couldn’t cope with Broners skills but Burns is arguably the strongest lightweight out there.
I think Burns could get a win against Broner but he has to use all his size and weight. If it came purely on skill then there’s barely a fighter on the planet within 20lbs who could beat Broner.

It’s a fight that needs to be made and one I wouldn’t miss

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