Rogan’s trainer sees weakness with Fury

By Boxing News - 03/31/2012 - Comments

Image: Rogan's trainer sees weakness with FuryBy Sean McDaniel: Bernardo Checa, the trainer for Martin Rogan (14-2, 7 KO’s), sees a lot of weakness among the many strengths that unbeaten former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (17-0, 12 KO’s) possesses. Fury and Rogan fight on April 14th at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

Fury is a heavy favorite to win this fight and pick up the vacant Irish heavyweight title in the process.

Checa told the “I have watched Fury quite a few times and he has been hurt in many fights. He has been put down and there is a pattern, there is a reason and I plan to exploit those weaknesses.”

If there is a weakness with Fury, it’s definitely in the chin department. Fury has been getting hurt on a consistent basis starting with his two fights against “Big” John McDermott. In pretty much each every fights since then, Fury has been getting rocked once or twice in the fight against less than dangerous opposition.

Rogan may be 40-years-old and may have been handled twice by Sam Sexton, but he can definitely punch and is a bigger puncher than most of the guys that Fury has faced with the exception of Dereck Chisora. Rogan will have an advantage that Chisora didn’t have and that’s by coming into the shape in shape and not carrying around 20 pounds of excess baggage the way that Chisora was when he fought Fury.

Fury will likely still win this fight but he’s going to get hit hard and winning. He doesn’t have the defense to shut Rogan down nor does he have the power to take him out early before Rogan has had an opportunity to land some of his own big shots. Fury needs to use a lot of movement if he wants to get out of this fight without any problems, but knowing him he’ll make it a point to go toe-to-toe against Rogan to try and prove something.

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