Tyson Fury admits he’s not prepared to fight the Klitschkos

Image: Tyson Fury admits he's not prepared to fight the KlitschkosBy William Mackay: British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (15-0, 10 KO’s) fully admits that he’s not ready to fight the Klitschko brothers at this time and knows that they would knock him out if he were to fight them at this early point in his career. Fury, 23, says he wants to develop slowly and learn how to actually fight before he’s put in with the top world class heavyweights.

Speaking with the Manchester Evening News, Fury said “I’m not ready. I’m a novice, Klitschko would knock me out. I need to go back to the basics and learn how to fight again. When I was 14 and 15, I used to fight with 10 punch combinations, nopw I can’t put two and three combinations together…I’m winning because I’m so big…But I’m not winning because of my skill.”

Fury is correct. He’s winning based solely on his huge 6’9″ size and he doesn’t even use his size correctly. He needs more training with Emanuel Steward in the United States if he’s going to develop correctly, and I think that’s probably not going to happen. If Fury stays in the UK, he’ll be stunted because there isn’t enough quality heavyweights for him to spar with and he needs a great trainer like Steward so that he can learn to use his size. At 23, he needs so much more development that it’s not even funny. Do I see Fury getting the training he needs? No. He’ll stay in the UK and likely be stuck sparring with flabby short guys that really won’t help him much.

Fury faces Nicolai Firtha this Saturday night. It’s an easy fight against a journeyman and definitely an easy guy that Fury can learn a little facing. But if he’s not being trained by a great trainer with good sparring then what’s the point? Fury needs to shack up with the Klitschkos, train with them night and day and learn. That’s how he’ll improve.

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