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The Victor Ortiz Saga, a laughable matter

Floyd Mayweather Jr Victor OrtizBy Babatis Banda: Not too long ago, we heard how Victor Ortiz was supposed to end the winning ways of Floyd Mayweather junior. We were told that Victor had the size, the energy and the will. We were also told that he was a ‘leftie’ and that Floyd had problems with south-paws, not to mention how this Victor had caused problems as a sparring partner to Manny Pacquiao.

All this, when being spewed from a Floyd hater, or a Manny lover, could send a cold chill down the spine of the faint hearted considering that at this point, Floyd was excepted to have developed some ‘rust’ and a good amount of ‘cobwebs’ after being inactive for one and a half years. We sat there listening, sometimes our hearts missing a ‘beat’, as the so called experts gave their predictions, the wise gave reasons why this was the end of one Floyd Mayweather Junior. We understood, because Victor was a champion after all.

Fight night

Floyd Mayweather junior said he would take Victor’s power away early and break him down, then knock him out. Come fight night, this is exactly what happened. Floyd took Victor’s confidence away, right from round one. He was landing straight rights and even though the audience was Victor’s, you could hear the audience bellow in disbelief each time he landed. Victor on several occasions tried to use his head against Mayweather. The first two or so instances went without the referee’s warning. After that, Ortiz was warned against using his head.

In the fourth round, after realizing that he was never going to win or hurt Floyd, Ortiz torpedoed himself spearing Floyd with his head. This was a classic wrestling move that Victor pulled on Mayweather and a point was deducted. The rest is now history, Floyd meted the right punishment on a man that intended to maim him with his head. Floyd connected a sweet short left, then summarized with a straight powerful right, and it was good night Victor while Victor still wanted to hug and kiss him for the foul for what seemed the fourth time.

The aftermath

The way the fight ended provided a perfect needed vent, to release hatred, and burning emotions against Floyd Mayweather by his haters. This was the only way they could escape reality as Floyd again, emerged the victor. Never did Ortiz show he could beat Floyd in that fight, and Floyd was showing signs of wanting to really punish Ortiz. The two were clearly in different classes. Mayweather had just meted the best possible punishment to a cheater and quitter like Ortiz, it couldn’t have been any sweeter in my view. Ortiz deserved the punishment 100 times over.

Cry for a re-match

It is baffling, that seasoned fighters like Oscar delahoya, promoter aside, can ask for a re-match. In the first place, Floyd is a prize fighter, who is willing to watch Floyd against Ortiz, if not for Oscar himself? Did Ortiz show any signs that he has a chance of defeating Floyd in a re-match? What is even too surprising, is Oscar’s offer to fight Floyd, should he give Ortiz a re-match. To me, this sounds as pure insanity, who wants to watch a finished Oscar. If it is so, doesn’t it mean that Floyd will obviously have to beat Ortiz for him to fight Floyd?

All the haters find something to stick to, Floyd took that belt away from Ortiz and boxing knows no morals. Both men wanted to hurt each other, even if it meant somebody coming off the ring on a stretcher.

The truth

Despite the hating, Floyd is the fighter to beat, he is in my eyes the best welterweight there is today. Live with the truth, you may not accept it, but the truth never changes. This whole saga is laughable. Ortiz can still have a big money bout with Manny, he should look that direction.

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