Hucks stops Garay in 10th

By Boxing News - 07/16/2011 - Comments

By Jim Dower: In somewhat of a foul plagued performance by World Boxing Organization (WBO cruiserweight champion Marco Huck (33-1, 24 KO’s), he stopped number #15 ranked contender Hugo Hernan Garay (34-6, 18 KO’s) in the 10th round on Saturday night at the Olympia-Eissportzentrum, in Munich, Bayern, Germany.

Huck, 26, knocked the 30-year-old Garay down twice in the fight and dominated through size for the most part and ugly fighting. The end came in the 10th when Huck landed a hard right hand to the jaw that hurt Garay. This caused Garay to back away and turn his back. Huck then nailed him with a nice right hand rabbit punch and then added a left hook to the head to put Garay down. The referee Luis Pabon halted the fight at 1:10 of the 10th round.

Huck knocked Garay down in the 1st round after pushing his head down with both hands and then holding him in place. When Garay was finally able to straighten up, Huck began nailing him with shots and running at him until he fell. It looked pretty dirty given that Huck had been forcing Garay’s head down just before the knockdown. Ideally, the referee should have stepped in and warned Huck instead of allowing him to do this.

It’s hard to count the knockdown because of this. Huck would continue to push down on the back of Garay’s head all throughout the fight. The referee did take a point away from Huck in the third for doing this, but it did little to stop Huck from continuing this practice. Huck also used a lot of hard shoves and holding around the neck and hitting with his free hand. He used both of those from time to time and it took away from the fight because the referee wasn’t keeping Huck in check. He was getting away with a lot of different fouls in this fight.

Garay fought a lot like Huck with his wild attacking style of fighting. Like Huck, he’d often run forward throwing wild punches, although he was a lot more accurate and spent more time throwing body shots than Huck. Huck looked to be at least two to three inches taller than the 6-foot Garay. The listed height seems to be off for Garay, because he appears to be no taller than 5’10”. Huck was clearly the bigger fighter of the two, but both fought with the same crude brawling style.

For the most part, Huck dominated the rounds from the 4th through the 9th with his better shots. Garay made it close in many of the rounds and would do a little bit better than Huck from time to time. But Huck seemed to be in control because of his bigger size and better power. Garay started to tire out by the 6th round, as Huck started to land more and more big shots. Huck continued to push down on the back of Garay’s head, shoving it down towards the canvas without being further penalized. Garay came back a little in the 9th and landed more shots, as Huck did very little in the round. In the 10th, Huck was back to throwing hard shots and quickly hurt Garay and stopped him after knocking him to the canvas.

All in all, ugly fight for Huck. Garay has now lost three out of his last five bouts. I can’t understand how a guy who has been struggling the way that Garay has been was given a title shot. That’s like taking on a journeyman. Huck needs to be fighting guys that are at least winning most of the time instead of coming into the fight having lost two out of their last four fights like Garay. Now maybe Huck will given Denis Lebedev a rematch. Don’t hold your breath on that one happening.

In other action on the card:

Eduard Gutknecht UD 12 Lorenzo Di Giacomo
EBU (European) light heavyweight title
Dominik Britsch TKO 9 Ryan Davis
Marcos Nader Pts 8 Gaetano Nespro
Kubrat Pulev UD 8 Maksym Pediura

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