Arum gushing about how good Pacquiao is looking, thinks he’s ready to fight Mosley

By Boxing News - 03/21/2011 - Comments

By Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum is ecstatic about how good his number #1 cash cow fighter Pacquiao is looking after watching him work out in Baguio in the Philippines as Manny gets ready for his bout against 39-year-old Shane Mosley on May 7th. Arum watched one of Pacquiao’s recent workouts and came away feeling good about how he’s looking, in particular with the way that Pacquiao is using his right hand.

Speaking with gman news, Arum said “This is so early, and look how great he is. He can fight next week, probably. He looks terrific. He looks very, very good. I like the way he’s been using his right hand, because I really believe that the right hand is gonna tell the story of the fight. Everyone knows that the left hand is his power hand, so Mosley’s gonna be looking for that left hand.”

Well, Arum should be happy. He’s picked the right opponent for Pacquiao to look good against once again. Arum has been picking Pacquiao’s opponents well as of late with the struggling Antonio Margarito getting selected last time out in November. Before that, it was Joshua Clottey, a fighter who was coming off of a loss at the time he was selected and not looking particularly good. Miguel Cotto was Pacquiao’s opponent before that, and Cotto hadn’t really shined since beaten to a pulp in 2008. Now it’s Mosley who’s being selected. Mosely hasn’t won a fight in two years and has looked terrible in his last two fights, losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and having to settle for a 12 round draw with Sergio Mora. It’s an odd choice that Mosley is being picked with him looking so bad. But Arum is right. Pacquiao could fight Mosley next week. Heck, he could probably have fought him training camp even started and still win. But what does that tell you about Mosley?

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