Vitali unlikely to ever face Solis again

By Sean McDaniel: Although many boxing fans would like to see a rematch between WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Kliotschko (42-2, 39 KO’s) and challenger Odlanier Solis (17-1, 12 Ko’s) to help clear up the massive confusion over the ending of their fight last Saturday night in Cologne, Germany, it’s not likely that the 39-year-old Vitali will have time to ever fight Solis again.

The problem is that Solis sustained a severe knee injury to his right knee area which is going to require as long as nine months to a year for it to heal properly. At that time, Solis will be looking for a tune-up fight, so we’re talking a year more or less before Solis can be ready to face Vitali again.

With Vitali looking to retire soon once he and his brother capture all of the four heavyweight titles out there, it just doesn’t seem like Solis has a place in Vitali’s future plans. Vitali wants to fight again in June, and of course Solis will still be out at that time healing from the surgery that he’s scheduled for this Thursday to repair the torn cartilage, meniscus and anterior cruciate in his right knee. After Vitali fights in June, he plans on fighting in September against Tomasz Adamek. Long before that, the Klitschkos will likely have won all the heavyweight titles by beating WBA heavyweight champion David Haye. Even if Wladimir Klitschko, who is scheduled to fight Haye in June or July, loses to Haye. Vitali would then be fighting Haye to avenge the defeat. There wouldn’t be any time for Vitali to fight Solis, a much less important fight.

The best and perhaps chance that Solis has for a rematch is for Solis to get busy once his leg heals and try to knock off the best opponent he can get his hands on to try and make a case that he deserves a rematch. Solis can’t go back to fighting 2nd tier guys while calling out Vitali or Wladimir because that’s not going to make want to waste time fighting him because the fan interest won’t be there for a rematch. Solis has to make the fans want to see a Klitschko-Solis rematch and the only way he can do that is by knocking off some big names in the heavyweight division. Given Solis’ history of being matched against mediocre opponents, I can’t see him fighting anyone good enough for Vitali or Wladimir to take notice.

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