Congressman Pacquiao performance enhancement drugs use accusations

By Boxing News - 11/07/2010 - Comments

By Gerardo Granados: Every day at any boxing forum you can read alleged accusations against Congressman Manny Pacquiao for use of performance enhancement drugs, once this rumor spread no one could stop it. Without any basis or scientific evidence to support the accusations made by “boxing fans” every day they try to degrade the image of a man his honor and reputation, he is a professional boxer but also is a human being and a citizen of the world, and as such he is entitled to be respected as much as the reader. To accuse someone of wrongdoing without being able to prove it constitutes defamation and to have on possession evidence to prove any wrongful act and concealed it by any means constitutes concealment.

Performance enhancement drugs are used in medicine to cure various diseases but athletes from different sport disciplines are now using them to improve their performance and physique; their use is controlled by different local and international agencies, but in some cases policies are different in major sports leagues around the globe. These drugs offer the user athlete an unfair advantage against their competitors, this is not only licit but also immoral; however there are countless cases in which great athletes have been caught cheating by using these substances.

In boxing I remember the case of Shane Mosley and James Toney, Mosley was linked with the BALCO investigation and was himself who admitted he used BALCO products previous his bout with De la Hoya, Toney was detected and consequently lost his WBA heavyweight title that had won. What draws my attention is that in the boxing blogs they are not charged with such fury and severity even that they do have a history of use.

For Pacquiao his main accusers were Roger Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather Jr., the first one offered a theory about how it had grown Pacquiao´s head and that it was not possible that Pacquiao had such an extraordinary physical performance in actual bouts; Floyd did his part ranting to the media which caused a civil suit by Pacquiao. But yet to date both have offered any evidence of his statement.
I never heard accusations against greats such as Hearns, Duran, Leonard, Whitaker, Mayweather, De la Hoya or Fitzsimons, these historic boxers had similar career to Pacquiao and became champions in several divisions as well. Maybe no one was interested to investigate the legitimacy of these accusations, but founded or unfounded this issue cast doubt on the legitimacy not only of Pacquiao legacy but of boxing in general and his history as well.

As I said before defamation and concealment can’t be allowed, but the most serious is to allow this to continue. It is a good time for accusers to offer their evidence and prove his allegations otherwise must recognize that this is just unfounded speculation and offer an apology. It would also be good for Pacquiao to clear things once for all, because all this accusations not only affect him personally but also affects boxing damaging its image. Even the different boxing organizations should pay attention to this situation because it can’t be good that these accusations are made against a current boxing icon.

Boxers deserve all the respect for their job, it is not easy to step in to a ring to fight risking to be injured or worst just to earn a living.

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