Williams-Martinez and Khan-Salita: A look at future opponents

By Boxing News - 12/06/2009 - Comments

khan54343By Eamon McDonald: I will start off this article by saying I am not writing a report on either fight, I am merely going to be suggesting future opponents for last night’s winners: Paul Williams and Amir Khan. What a victory by Khan, Salita obviously isn’t a very good opponent but for him to get destroyed like he did it was impressive.

Khan is looking better and better since Prescott battered the face off him! Khan has the skill and speed to beat any boxer in the Jr. welterweight division, but we still haven’t seen if his chin has improved since the Prescott fight although his defence has definitely improved. I want to see him take on 2 or 3 good solid opponents that he can gain experience from and the at the end of 2010 or early 2011, pitch him up against Timothy Bradley or Marcos Maidana.

Either of those 2 fighters would make for a great bout. Maidana is the big puncher and is hard as nails, his only loss being to Andreas Kotelnik via UD. Bradley has all the skill and conditioning which i think would make him a better opponent for khan than Marcos Maidana because Maidana would obviously be going for the knockout but Khan’s defence these days may make it a boring match and he would probably pick him a UD victory. Bradley & Khan would be an excellent match due to each fighter having such natural raw talent! Let’s hope we see Khan in with a few good fighters before we can say he should take on either of them 2.

Paul Williams scored a unanimous decision over Sergio Martinez in what was a modern day classic with each fighter looking to kill the other. This was a big victory for Williams and he is becoming more of an attraction as the months go by. Martinez is also a world class fighter but is at an age now where he may only have a few fighting years left, although who’s to say he doesn’t do a Bernard Hopkins and fight for as long as he lives.

Martinez vs Williams rematch would be a hit in my opinion due to their match being a war and the 119-110 scorecard being very controversial. These 2 fighters are in their own league in the Jr.Middleweight division and they could well be the next boxing trilogy that we all love to see.

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