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Look for Froch to Come Unglued if Dirrell Beats him

Andre Dirrell Carl FrochBy Scott Gilfoid: I see World Boxing Council super middleweight champion Carl Froch as a fighter who’s really into routines. He probably does largely the same kind of workout daily, does a set amount of sit-ups and perhaps even combs his hair a certain amount of times. In getting beaten by Andre Dirrell on October 17th, I think this is going to really mess up Froch’s head and cause him to self destruct in many ways.

I’m hoping the loss against Dirrell doesn’t effect Froch too much but I have a sinking suspicion it will. Froch may take a loss against Dirrell, especially if it’s a really bad one like I think it will be, as a sign that he needs to start all over from scratch and start changing everything. Froch may go berserk and decide to start training even harder than he already is and screw him up even more.

I hear Froch already trains like an animal and really takes it to the end of the earth with his training sessions. But after a certain point, a person gets diminishing returns and no further progress can be made. Really, Froch could end up hurting himself if he reacts negatively to a loss against Dirrell by training 24/7 and barely sleeping. All Froch will end up doing is tearing himself down and making it much more likely that other Super Six fighters like Mikkel Kessler, Andre Ward and Jermain Taylor will beat him just as easily as Dirrell probably will.

If that’s the case then Froch will lose all of his group I bouts and be drummed out of the Super Six tournament without one measly win to show for it. That’s what I see happening. I think Froch is going to go apoplectic from a humiliating loss against Dirrell, see it as a sign that he needs even more training and really overdue things by going whole hog and training like a mad man and either injure himself, wear himself out or maybe even have a nervous breakdown.

All that is so pointless. All Froch needs to do is keep his head if/when he losses to Dirrell. Instead of seeing it as a negative thing, Froch needs to focus on what he can do to fix his problems. For starters, Froch needs to put his hands up when he fights and stop leading with his chin. That looks so bad, let me tell you. It’s like Froch is begging to be slugged in the unprotected chin.

Okay, so once Froch has his guard up, he needs to start moving his head a little and stop using it as a door stop for punches. The dude keeps his head perfectly still when he fights like he’s trying to put his opponents into a trance or something.

I know Froch has the nickname of the “The Cobra” but that doesn’t mean he has to fight like one by keeping his still. Cobra’s are kind of fast, at least when they’re striking. But they get whipped on by animals like a mongoose, who use their quickness to take chunks out of the cobra. Froch needs to move his head or he’s going to get it chopped off by Dirrell and the other Super Six tournament fighters.

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