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Haye Wants to Fight Like Tyson?

By Scott Gilfoid: I almost died laughing when I heard David Haye’s interview with Setanta Sports today where Haye said that he’s planning on trying to fight like Mike Tyson in an effort to beat Wladimir Klitschko in the scheduled WBO/IBF heavyweight title bout on June 20th.

That’s frankly hilarious of Haye saying he’s going to try and be like Tyson, but I’m wondering why Haye stopped at Tyson’s name. He should have kept on going and added Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Jack Johnson while he was at it.

I guess that was Haye’s early Christmas wish or something, because the chances of the glass-chinned Haye ever being anywhere near Tyson-like are next to none as far as I can tell. Sure, I don’t blame Haye for wanting to aspire to be as good as Tyson, but the fact remains Haye doesn’t have the chin to fight like Tyson.

Frankly, that worries me to see Haye speaking in such a deluded manner about himself. I’m sure that Haye is hoping he can figure out a way to get around Wladimir’s long jab so that he can land his shorter punchers, but for Haye to be Tyson like he’s going to have to take some tremendous shots from Wladimir on the way inside and I don’t see that happening in this lifetime.

Haye has probably worked it out in his head what he plans on trying to do against Wladimir on June 20th, but if Haye shows the same weak chin he did against Monte Barrett then you can forget all about Haye getting anywhere near Wladimir.

This isn’t Enzo Maccarinelli or Jean Marc Mormeck, one of Haye’s cruiserweight opponents that he dieted on while fighting a level below Wladimir. That’s where Haye needs to be fighting, because he sure didn’t look impressive against Barrett.

A lot has been made of Haye’s power, but I think Wladimir will take Haye’s occasional shots when Haye storms in on him. But Haye won’t be able to land nearly enough shots to give Wladimir any problems because Haye will be too busy eating jabs on the outside and left hooks.

If this was a talking contest Haye would win hands down, because he’s the best self promoter I’ve ever seen. Haye can really build himself up like the best braggarts that ever breathed, but the problem is Haye is going to be forced to have to back up his talk against Wladimir.

And when that time comes Haye is going to crumble to pieces very quickly when he starts tasting some leather. I think Haye could be like Tyson if he could wear head gear into all of his bouts. Yeah, in that case Haye might be a little like a watered down Tyson, but I still think Haye would get stretched if he’s hit hard by Wladimir.

Tyson Fury: 'Deontay Wilder doesn't punch harder than Wladimir Klitschko'

Let’s face it: the fighter that Haye is most alike is Herbie Hide, a former heavyweight that had good hand speed and power, but would get knocked out when facing the bigger heavyweights in the division like Riddick Bowe and Vitali Klitschko.

Back then, I’d rate Hide as even better than Haye, because Hide actually was able to win a heavyweight title, and right now I don’t give Haye one chance in a million to beat Wladimir, Vitali, Ruslan Chagaev or Nikolay Valuev. Haye’s too small and his chin is too weak to beat those guys.

Even if Haye were to go back down to cruiserweight at this point, I doubt that he’d be a champion because Victor Ramirez, Ola Afolabi, Tomasz Adamek and Guillermo Jones all have great chins. Haye might be able to beat Giacobbe Fragomeni again, but that’s no guaranteed win because the Italian fought Haye tooth and nail last time, bloody up Haye’s face in a war.

Tyson Fury: 'Deontay Wilder doesn't punch harder than Wladimir Klitschko'

According to news sources, Haye isn’t looking too big in training for the Wladimir fight. That will make it even easier for Wladimir to knock Haye out if he comes in at 215 or less. Against Barrett, Haye weighed only 215 pounds and looked smaller than Barrett, who’s not a big heavyweight himself.

I’m starting to think that not only will Wladimir beat Haye, but that he’ll also crush him in the process. Haye better try to figure out how to move his head and torso, because Haye’s going to be getting hit hard over and over again by an angry Wladimir.

Haye should have earned his way into a fight with Klitschko by fighting someone like Chris Arreola, Jameel McCline, Alexander Dimitrenko or Alexander Povetkin. I wonder why Haye didn’t want to fight them. Maybe because Haye would lose to them all?

This fight is going to be a lesson to those heavyweights that like to jump in front of others without working hard and developing the needed skills to compete at the heavyweight level first. You just don’t move from cruiserweight to heavyweight and think you’re going to compete for a world title.

It’s possible to do this in the lower weight classes because there’s such a small separation in weight between each class, but with bigger heavyweights, they often weight 40 to 50 pounds more than a typical cruiserweight fighter.

Even if a cruiserweight wants to move up to the heavyweight division, it takes time to put on that kind of weight and get used to fighting with the extra weight before they’re good enough to challenge for a title. Haye isn’t doing that and will lose.

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