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Bradley-Holt, Andrade-Tsypko & Diaconu-Whittom Fight Predictions


To say these are the best in the division is a bit silly. But they are good.
I think they are evenly matched so it should be an entertaining fight. Looking forward to it.

Posted April 4, 2009  


Witter fought very little like he could in the Bradley fight as his father died on the same day and it looked like that affected Witter more than Bradley’s boxing.

Posted April 4, 2009  


3.Nate Campbell
4.Timothy Bradley
5.Paulie Mallangii
6.Ricardo Torres
7.Kendall Holt

Posted April 4, 2009  


I think Hatton and Pacquiao are the two best light welters but Bradley and holt are defo 3 and 4 respectively. Im going with Bradley to win with a late KO or TKO.

Posted April 4, 2009  


“Perhaps the two best light welterweights in the World fight tomorrow” Hatton holds the ring magazine belt. Thats the only one that counts for anything these days

Posted April 4, 2009  


hatton and pacquiao are perhaps the best 2 light welters my friend but holt and bradley 4th and 5th but i believe witter is a better fighter thn bradley

Posted April 3, 2009  

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Bradley-Holt, Andrade-Tsypko & Diaconu-Whittom Fight Predictions

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