Is Rudy Perez Teaching Marcos Maidana Dirty Tricks?

By Francisco Hernandez: Erik Morales and his dad Jose Morales don’t mind if Rudy Perez trains Marcos Maidana and makes him a better fighter, but they are concerned that Rudy Perez may try to teach Maidana dirty tricks to use against Erik.

Speaking to Mexican media, Erik’s dad Jose expressed his concern about possible knee, elbow, and head blows that Rudy Perez may teach Maidana to use against Erik in their upcoming fight in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 9.

Marcos Maidana would do well to learn dirty tricks from Rudy Perez in order to neutralize them when fighters like Amir Khan who like to hold a lot try to use them. Maidana will not need to use dirty tricks or fouls when he fights Erik Morales, because Morales is a clean fighter, and the fight will be a straightforward slugfest. Some people have criticized this fight because they say Morales is no longer the Morales of old. It is true, Morales isn’t the same Morales of old, he has lost his speed and his power. Yet the fight remains an interesting one, and Morales deserves a chance because of his honesty. With this fight Erik Morales is making an honest statement that deserves respect. In effect Morales is saying –look I am not fooling anyone or myself, let me fight the meanest muther in the division, If I beat him then I am back, If I lose then that’s it and I retire.

Unlike the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight where many people believe Pacquiao may carry Mosley a few rounds or even for the whole fight to make it look competitive, Marcos Maidana will not carry Morales, Maidana will come out to destroy Morales and for the time the fight lasts it will be pure violence, a young slugger bursting with energy going after a veteran and legend who will have to use every skill and ounce of resource left in his being to survive each round. Yes, logic tells us that Morales should lose and by kayo, but he will be carried out on his shield; he will not make back room deals for Maidana to carry him.


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