Riddick Bowe vs Lennox Lewis: The fight that never happened

lewis32By Juni: I remember watching former heavyweight world champion Riddick Bowe when he first started. I followed his career and recorded over 10 of his matches. After fighting a bunch of guys to build up his confidence, it was time for him to start facing better opponents. That’s when he took on Tony Tubbs. I saw that fight and I still remember the scoring I had. I had thought Tubbs won, having it 96 to 94 for Tubbs. After the decision was announced, the crowd booed

Lennox Lewis

At the time, I didn’t know who he was, but read up on him when my father would buy me boxing magazines. I remember reading that Lennox Lewis was to face Gary Mason. At the time, I had said that Lewis is going to get killed by the guy who was 35-0-32. After Lewis had knocked out Mason, I was thinking “we have a new scary guy in the division”.

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Who deserves to be elected to the 2015 IBHOF?

By Gerardo Granados: Only a few privileged boxing writers are allowed to decide who will be enshrined in to the IBHOF, but the fight fans could take a look at the list and decide for themselves who deserves to receive the honor to become a boxing immortal. This year there are some significant changes, such as now the modern era category fighters were moved up to 1988, there is a reduction to vote for five instead of ten but keeps only three elected.

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