Rios-Alvarado, Matthysse-Peterson, Garcia-Judah preview and analysis

rios22By Andrew Garewal: Arguably the most dangerous and exciting division in boxing today is at light welterweight. At 140 lbs, boxers possess uncanny speed, elusive footwork and explosive power. Nowhere in boxing is there such an array of talent in which multiple fighters could be crowned legitimate champions in their own right.

In other weight classes there is a recognized unified champion or it’s ruled by few respective champions. Heavyweights are dominated by the Klitschkos; super middleweight and middleweight is handled by Andre Ward and Sergio Martinez; Mayweather is at the helm of the junior middleweight and welterweight divisions; Broner has run through the super featherweight and lightweight divisions; Donaire and Rigondeaux are about to establish the leader at super bantamweight. No other division in boxing displays the competitiveness and uncertainty of a reigning king than that of light welterweight.

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Bradley-Provodnikov: Why Both Fighters Won and Lost

bradley16By Andrew Garewal: If you tuned in to watch the Tim Bradley – Ruslan Provodnikov bout this past Saturday night, you witnessed quite a battle ending in a unanimous decision for Timothy Bradley. Both fighters engaged in exciting flurries and dangerous exchanges which had the crowd on their feet throughout the fight.

Provodnikov landed the more significant punches, but Bradley managed to box his way to victory while Provodnikov was refueling his gas tank.

Provodnikov showed us that he truly is the “Siberian Rocky”, able to withstand brutal punishment and fight back with heart and ferocity. All the while Bradley was playing the role of “Desert Apollo Creed”, electing to abandon his outside game and over-confidently enter Rocky’s wheelhouse only to encounter a Russian bombardment.

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Boxing’s Best to the Body Revisited

matthysse1By Andrew Garewal: Due to the large response and comments, I have decided to update the list to try and capture a consensus list. I have removed the rankings and will allow you all to comment on who you believe is the best. This list is composed of active fighters who are at or nearing their prime. You may believe some great boxers should be on here for their body work from the past, such as Miguel Cotto or Floyd Mayweather.

Well, Mayweather’s best display of body punching was last decade against Diego Corrales, and Miguel Cotto hasn’t thrown a body shot with bad intentions in three years. This list is composed of fighters still employing their body snatching tactics, and standout commitment to the damage their opponent’s frame.

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Boxing’s Best to the Body

alvarez922by Andrew Garewal: A critical part to the sweet science is the use of body shots. Hooks to the body can crack ribs, tear organs and expose a fighter upstairs. Straights and crosses are critical in setting up combinations to the head and establishing distance and strategy. Not only do body shots wear down an opponent, but it also limits the power and output which they can produce in later rounds.

Among fighters today, a few standout for their prolific attack to the opponent’s guts. This is my list of current top body punchers.

#1 Lucas Martin Matthysse 33(31)-2, Light Welterweight

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