Jaime Munguia: The Kid with a Dream And a High Punch Output

By @James_theGrad - 05/01/2024 - Comments

Fans are looking forward to watching undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez defend his titles against the young star Jaime Munguia this weekend.

Munguia (43-0, 34 KOs) will try to upset King Canelo and dethrone him in what Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya calls a ‘Changing of the guard.’ Oscar hopes Munguia will be his new cash cow.

If it works out as De La Hoya hopes, he’ll have a new big name in his stable of fighters that can carry his company the way Canelo did for many years when he was with Golden Boy.

Munguia doesn’t have the experience one would like to see from a fighter taking on a talent like Canelo, but he has the right fighting style to do the job. Without the seasoning, Munguia might be over his head.

A Future Star

“Jaime Munguia is a budding star, and he’s been preparing his whole life for this event,” said boxing expert Chris Algieri to the Probox TV YouTube channel. “People ask me, ‘Is this a bridge too far?’ I don’t think so. I think he’s ready for this opportunity.

“He’s got a ton of experience. He has over 40 fights. He’s looked better and better in every fight recently. He recently hooked up with [trainer] Freddie Roach. He brings a different level to the game that can really help Munguia out against a much more well-known and experienced Canelo Alvarez.

Having Freddie Roach as his coach can’t hurt, but that might not be enough for Munguia to overcome the experience that Canelo has. The kid’s barren resume could come back to bite him on the backside on Saturday night.

Why Munguia Can Win

  • Youth: Not showing signs of ring wear despite having fought over 40 times as a pro.
  • Freddie Roach factor: Legendary coach expected to have a great game plan for Munguia to follow.
  • Punching machine: With Canelo slowing down with age, Munguia’s high punch output could be trouble.

“That youthful exuberance is hard to overcome, especially when you get a little older. He’s going to be bringing it, and I think he’s going to be fully prepared with a great game plan, according to what Freddie Roach has been saying. I’m all for it.

“I’ve actually always liked this fight. It’s a great match-up. Canelo doesn’t throw as many punches as he used to. Guess what? Munguia throws more punches than anybody, so let’s get them in the ring together,” said Algieri.

With Canelo’s power and counter-punching, he doesn’t need to throw a lot of punches to win this fight. If he can connect with enough eye-catching shots each round, he’ll win a decision and possibly score a knockout.

Munguia’s Inexperience: A Potential Pitfall

“Munguia is inexperienced at this highest level, and it can work against him,” said Paulie Malignaggi. “You make that youthful excitement walk into traps. If he walks into enough traps, it could possibly slow him down.”