Ryan Garcia Guns for Crawford: A Callout for the Ages

By Chris Williams - 04/12/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia called out Terence Crawford on social media today, saying he wants to “kick his a**” just for the sake of it for no apparent reason. All I know is Ryan would never speak to Boots Ennis like this. I’m just saying.

Ryan’s picked the right guy because Crawford is as needy as he can get for a fight, and he can’t afford to sit on the shelf for much longer without being completely forgotten. Terence hasn’t been in the ring for a hot minute and desperately needs to fight someone fans have heard of.

Publicity Stunt or Genuine Challenge?

Some would argue that this is just a media ploy by Ryan to drum up interest in his fight next week against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on April 20th.

If Ryan pulls off the upset of Haney, his popularity will soar through the roof, making him one of the biggest names in boxing. When/if that happens, Ryan can pick and choose from anyone, and he might forget about Crawford and focus on some of the more talented fighters.

Terence (40-0, 31 KOs) hasn’t fought in almost a year, and he’d likely jump at the chance to fight a popular fighter like Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs), even if he’s coming off a Haney. This fight offer is Crawford’s golden ticket for another big payday after his clash a year ago against Errol Spence.

Crawford has been waiting for a similar money fight to fall into his lap like gravity, but it has not happened, and his situation is starting to look desperate. He wanted to fight Canelo Alvarez, but the Mexican superstar had no interest in accommodating him because it would be another lose-lose match where he would receive no credit if he won.

If Crawford accepted the fight with Ryan, that would be the second big name he’s fought during his 16-year career because his resume is as barren as one can get of popular fighters.

Crawford Can’t Afford to Be Choosy 

Ryan’s offer might be as good as it gets for the 36-year-old Crawford because he sure as heck ain’t getting that Canelo fight that he’s been campaigning for, and he wants no part of the young shark, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

The Nebraska native Crawford has been coasting on his win over Errol Spence, enjoying the praise from that win, and not showing much interest in getting back in the ring.