Larry “The Easton Assassin” Holmes vs. Lennox “The Lion” Lewis, Who Wins?

By Ken Hissner - 04/02/2024 - Comments

Two well-known world heavyweight champions are similar in styles, not personalities. Both in most people’s all-time top ten. Let’s take a look at both Larry “the Easton Assassin” Holmes and Lennox “The Lion” Lewis in comparison.

Amateurs Holmes 19-3, stopped by Nick Wells, a southpaw from the Air Force, twice and beaten up by Duane Bobick from the Navy. His trainer, Ernie Butler, was a good trainer who got pushed out by King.

Lewis 84-11? 84 Olympics lost to Tyrone Biggs and in 88 Won Gold Medal beating Riddick Bowe fighting for Canada.

In the pro’s Holmes had a good fast jab sometimes holding it out there without warning but his trademark. 6:03 to Lewis at 6:05.

Lewis had a good jab but once dropped his hands and “light’s out” Oliver McCall did it and paid for it later with first loss for Lewis at 25-0. At 14-0 stopped Gary Mason 35-0 for British title and then stopped former champ Mike “Hercules” Weaver.

Both beat Ray Mercer, but Holmes was more impressive. Also, beat Weaver. Holmes wins over 15-0 Tim Witherspoon by SD and 16-0 Carl “The Truth” Williams were controversial and deserved rematches. At 44-0 stopping 10-0 Marvis Frazier was a disgrace.

Then saying, “That was for the whippings your daddy gave me in the gym,” tells it all.

Lewis avenged his losses and draw with Holyfield. Holmes lost, I thought 8-7 to Michael Spinks, first time Light Heavy champ beat Heavyweight champ for title losing final round but got robbed in rematch that I had 9-6. Win over Tyson who was far gone by then.

Defeating Klitschko, 32-1, by a cut after behind after 5 rounds you knew he didn’t want a rematch and retired. One of the few who got out before over the hill.

Lewis’s lopsided win over David Tua, 37-1, was very impressive. Beat many with good records.

Holmes, losing to Brian Nielsen, 31-0, told him, “It’s over!” Finishing on the deck against “King of the 4 rounders” in a ten-round fight, “Butterbean” 65-2-3, told him, “It’s time to call it a day!” Beating a far gone out of shape Ali was not a career highlight anymore than Marciano stopping Joe “Brown Bomber” Louis. Both beat men better than them in their prime.

Lewis 41-2-1 with 32 stoppages and Holmes 69-6 with 44 stoppages.

It would be an interesting if not a crowd-pleasing fight between Holmes and Lewis. A “you pick em’ fight!”

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