The Heavyweight King Is Injured! Charr vs. Pulev Is Off!

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/21/2024 - Comments

Has Manuel Mahmoud Charr found a way out of yet another fight? This time, the stage was all set for a showdown with Kubrat Pulev on March 30th in Sofia, but alas, Charr’s left bicep had other plans. According to Bild Berlin and Charr’s promoter Erol Ceylan, Charr’s bicep decided it needed some surgical attention. And here we were thinking Charr’s favorite form of combat was in the courtroom, not the ring.

At this point, one might wonder if Charr is in the right profession. The buildup, the anticipation, and then, poof! No fight. It’s a recurring theme that’s turning him into something of a running joke among boxing circles.

Every time Charr is slated to defend his title or step up for a significant fight, something mysterious happens. Injuries, legal battles, drive bye shootings…you name it! It’s getting to the point where boxing fans might start betting on what excuse will come up next rather than the outcome of his fights.

As Charr’s actual ring appearances become rarer than a peaceful online comment section, the boxing community can’t help but chuckle. Is he dodging fights, or is he genuinely the unluckiest boxer when it comes to pre-fight fitness? Either way, Charr’s reputation is taking more hits outside the ring than he’s likely ever taken inside it. At this rate, his legacy in the sport might end up being remembered more for the bouts that never were than for any of his actual victories.

Now, the frantic search for a replacement opponent is on. Because, you know, it wouldn’t be a Charr fight if there wasn’t some last-minute drama. Pulev, bless his soul, had been training his heart out, even getting legendary coach Ulli Wegner to come down to Sofia to put the finishing touches on his preparation for this “WBA world championship fight”. It was supposed to be Charr’s grand moment, his first title defense. But perhaps Charr’s strategy all along was to take this fight to a place where he feels most comfortable – a courtroom. Who knows, he might just come out on top there once again, given his track record.