Jake Paul’s Latest Spectacle: Does Beating a Retired Legend Really Prove Anything?

By Sean Jones - 03/21/2024 - Comments

Jake Paul’s former trainer, BJ Flores, says a win over 57-year-old former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson would show kids that “anything is possible,” but it isn’t in reality due to the boxing legend’s advanced age.

The 27-year-old Jake will be fighting Mike Tyson on July 20th on Netflix at theĀ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Jake’s decision to pick Tyson from retirement to fight was questionable rather than aiming higher toward one of the cruiserweight contenders, like Jai Opetaia, Mairis Briedis, Richard Riakporhe, or Yuniel Dorticos.

Those are the fighters that Jake should be fighting, but his career appears to be more about picking up paychecks against older ex-fighters.

Exploiting Legends

Mike Tyson isn’t the first older fighter Jake Paul picked out for a payday. Here are other older fighters:

  • Tyrone Woodley: 41
  • Anderson Silva: 48
  • Ben Askren: 39
  • Nate Diaz: 38

“Jake doesn’t punch like the former heavyweight world champion, but he can punch,’ said BJ Flores, Jake Paul’s former trainer, talking to Fighthype about his fight against 57-year-old retired former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson on July 20th in Arlington, Texas.

The Illusion of Danger

“At this stage of Mike Tyson’s career, he hasn’t been consistent and hasn’t been in the ring. No one is saying that Jake would beat Mike Tyson from 25 years ago,” aid Flores.

“No one is saying that. Mike Tyson now, does he still have enough to go in there and be able to make it interesting? I think he does. He’s still dangerous; he’s still a big puncher.”

Tyson was dangerous many years ago, but he hasn’t fought since 2005, and he was totally washed then, losing to the lower-level fighter, Kevin McBride. That’s a fighter Jake would likely have beaten if he were teleported back in time and fought him.

Tyson has lost his reflexes and stamina due to the passage of time, and he’s not the fighter he was even back then. Again, Tyson was totally shot in 2004 and 2005, losing to McBride and Danny Williams, two mediocre fighters.

“Everyone is saying he’s old. I think they’re overlooking the fact that he’s strong and powerful. This is a heavyweight fight. George Foreman at 45. There are guys that are able to go later in life. With Mike has been doing, I still think he’s going to be dangerous early. So, they [Jake Paul] have to watch out for that.

Inspiration or Farce?

Flores thinks Jake’s victory will inspire kids to chase their dreams, but that sounds deluded. It won’t motivate kids unless their goal is to look for older fighters they can exploit the way Jake is doing with Tyson. That’s weak.

“If Jake is able to somehow pull it off against Mike, it shows kids all over the world that anything is possible. You can chase your dreams and follow your dreams,” said Flores.

Flores might be a little off with what a victory for the 27-year-old Jake over the retired Tyson would prove. Unless kids are unaware of Mike’s age, they wouldn’t be impressed with a victory for Jake.

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