Does Errol Spence Jr. Ever Fight Again? The Road to Recovery

By Chris Williams - 03/05/2024 - Comments

Errol Spence Jr. has had his share of health problems that have caused him setbacks in his career in the last four years.

With two car accidents, eye problems involving detached Retains and cataract surgery have made it questionable whether he can return to action without risking his health.

The former unified welterweight champion Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) just turned 34, which is not young for a fighter in his weight class, and he’s coming off a punishing ninth-round knockout against Terence Crawford.

The beating that Spence took in that fight has raised doubts among some fans about whether he can come back from that fight and be the same fighter he once was.

The Road to Recovery

Still ambitious and not afraid of hard work, Spence wants to resume his carer, and get past the health problems. Unlike Crawford, Spence isn’t expecting to be given a huge payday fight against Canelo Alvarez. He doesn’t have that sense of entitlement that is weighing him down, keeping his career in a holding pattern.

If Spence returns to the ring, there’s the potential for additional eye injuries, and it’s questionable whether it would be worth it for him to continue if he suffers another problem in that area.

Spence has the power, skills, and toughness to capture another world title at 147, but he’s got to stay in the gym, not letting his weight fluctuate between fights by enjoying the fruits of his labor.

It’s not going to work if Spence eats and parties his way up to 190+ lbs in between fights and then is forced to use his training camps as fat farms, which some believe is partly the reason for his loss to Crawford. Draining from 190 to 147 will take much out of anyone, regardless of age and talent level.

Interestingly, Crawford’s career may have been impacted by that fight as well, giving him the false expectation that a mega-money golden parachute fight against Canelo Alvarez would automatically be given to him due to his victory over Spence.

The victory spoiled Crawford, giving him the belief that he is now deserving of ONLY big fights for huge dough. In other words, Crawford is deluded and has failed to grasp reality and return to work, making the same money he was getting before he fought Spence.