Anthony Joshua vs. Ngannou: Dual Broadcast on DAZN And Sky PPV, Cost Unknown

By Amy A Kaplan - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Anthony Joshua challenges Francis Ngannou in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on March 8th. UK fans must prepare for a hefty cost. Viewers can access the fight through DAZN PPV or Sky Sports PPV. Specific pricing remains undisclosed. Joshua, the boxing veteran, ventures out of his domain. Ngannou, the former UFC champion, brings formidable knockout power to the ring.

Who needs choices when you can have EVERYTHING?

Don’t Stress – Choice is Good!

DAZN diehard? Great! Loyal to Sky Sports? Fantastic! They’ve got you covered in this ultimate PPV showdown. The only downside? Your wallet might have a slightly different opinion. Don’t worry; the fight’s guaranteed to be so epic that it’ll justify the splurge. (Right? Right??)

For subscribers of DAZN, they’ll probably grumble at being asked to pay to watch Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs), a fighter who is coming off of three consecutive wins over cans, facing an MMA guy with only only one fight under his belt in the pro ranks, on March 8th.

That’s reasonable on their part to be upset. Ngannou’s only boxing match was against an old and out-of-shape Tyson Fury, who most would agree was always overrated,  but there’s a lot on the line for the Joshua-Ngannou clash, so that makes it worth it to some fans to purchase this on DAZN PPV.

Imagine it: Joshua, the boxing heavyweight legend, taking on Ngannou, the fearsome knockout machine from the MMA world. This ain’t your typical Saturday night boxing match, folks. Sparks are gonna fly!

The Big “But…”

Price tag? Still a mystery! But hey, some things are worth waiting for, and trust us, this clash is definitely gonna deliver. Get ready to throw caution to the wind and hit ‘purchase’ – just, uh, maybe check your bank balance first. It’s for a good cause: pure, chaotic entertainment!

As long as the organizers of the event DON’T charge $70+ for U.S subscribers of DAZN or £19.99 for UK fans, it should do well. This writer kind of likes $30 for DAZN, and £10.99 for UK. That won’t break the bank for this fight, which is basically a circus-level fight when you get down to the brutal truth.

Mark March 8th in your calendars and clear your schedules. Saudi Arabia? Check. PPV sorted? Check. Ridiculous amounts of adrenaline? Double-check!