“Don’t @ Me!” Benn Responds to Gervonta Davis Rejection

By Nationvegas - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Conor Benn reacted in anger today after learning that the ‘Face of Boxing,’ Gervonta Davis, had not accepted the offer made by his promoter, Eddie Hearn, for a fight between them.

A Bridge Too Far

In response to the bad news, the welterweight Benn (23-0, 14 KOs) took to social media to tell Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) not to tag him any longer with his posts.

The real problem is the offer made by Hearn wasn’t to Tank’s liking, considering he’s coming off a mega-fight against Ryan Garcia last April, and he can obviously make more money fighting guys like Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, Vasily Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez. Benn is a no-name in the U.S. with casual boxing fans.

Tank Davis has greater market leverage than Conor Benn, who has fought middle-of-the-road opposition his entire professional career. What passes for superstardom in the UK with Benn doesn’t work in the U.S., where you actually have to achieve to become a star.

You don’t get a free pass in the United States. That’s the difference between the two countries. Benn would never become a star in the U.S. unless he beat talented opposition, and he’s not faced anyone.

“Don’t ever @ me ever again, Gervonta Davis,” said Conor Benn on social media, reacting to Tank declining the offer from his promoter Eddie Hearn for a fight.

Harsh Reality for Benn

Benn is going to have to focus on fighting some quality fighters to build up his name if he wants to face superstars like Tank Davis. It’s not good enough that Benn is beating fighters like Peter Dobson, Rafael Orozco, Chris Algieri, Adrian Granados and Chris Van Heerden. You have to do better than that if you want to share the ring with a star like Tank Davis.

For Hearn, it’s clear protecting his client has been a guiding principle. While fans want marquee matchups, Hearn prioritizes calculated career progression. Benn’s social media outburst reflects his impatience, but Hearn likely remains focused on steady advancement toward potential paydays in the future.

Moving Forward: Focus on Fundamentals

While a Davis matchup seems off the table for now, Benn must concentrate on building his brand. That means seeking increasingly credible challengers outside the current ‘comfort zone’ if he hopes to lure boxing stars into the ring.

Ultimately, this setback becomes a test of Benn’s commitment and Hearn’s matchmaking and an intriguing storyline for fans to follow as Benn’s career develops.