Boxing Results: Teofimo Lopez Wins Over Ortiz!

By Ken Hissner - 02/09/2024 - Comments

In the main event, former World Lightweight champion and the WBO World Junior Welterweight champion Teofemo “The Takeover” Lopez retained his title, defeating the former IBF USBA and NABF Lightweight champion and No. 10 ranked Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz over twelve dull rounds on Thursday night at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

In the co-feature, 2020 Olympic Silver Medalist, Inter-Continental, and WBC USA champion Lightweight Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis remained unbeaten, stopping former two-division world champ Jose “The Sniper” Pedraza in the sixth round.

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In the main event, 2016 Olympian and former World Lightweight champion, WBO World Junior Welterweight champ Teofemo “The Takeover” Lopez, 20-1 (13), defeated the former IBF USBA and NABF Light champ, No. 10 WBO ranked Jamaine “The Technician” Ortiz, 17-2-1 (8) over 12 dull rounds, adding the Ring Magazine belt to his WBO title.

In the first round, the fighters had met nine years ago in the 2015 US Nationals final, with Lopez winning a decision. Ortiz came out southpaw as Lopez was the aggressor, landing more in a feeling out round.

In the second round, after twenty seconds, Ortiz landed a combination to Lopez’s chin. Ortiz was more offensive this round. In the final twenty seconds, Lopez landed a solid right on Ortiz’s chin, who took the round.

In the third round halfway point, Ortiz turned orthodox, landing a right on the chin of Lopez, then returning to southpaw.

In the final seconds, Lopez landed a right on the chin while Ortiz countered with a left on the chin of Lopez in a close you-pick round. In the fourth round, after a minute, Lopez landed a solid right to the body, followed by a left hook to the chin of Ortiz.

Suddenly, Lopez backed up into a corner, waving Ortiz to come in, which he did, landing punches and then going on the move again. It was an Ortiz round.

In the fifth round, Lopez chased while Ortiz countered when he did land something. Lopez waved him to stop running and come in as the bell sounded in a round, hard-to-pick.

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In the sixth round, halfway through, Lopez went back, waving Ortiz in, and when Ortiz did, he landed several punches. Lopez had problems cutting off the ring, and the fans grew restless, wanting more action. It was an Ortiz round.

In the seventh round, after a minute, a clash of heads caused a cut on the left eye of Ortiz. Referee Harvey Dock called in the ring physician. In the final minute, Lopez was landing lead rights to the chin of Ortiz, drawing blood from the mouth of Ortiz. The cut has affected Ortiz, with Lopez taking the round.

In the eighth round, with little action, Ortiz had an edge in punches landed as Lopez seemed frustrated with the movement of Ortiz. In the ninth round, again, little action, and with half a minute remaining, Lopez landed a right and slipped to the canvas in taking the round.

Ortiz may be blowing his lead in the tenth round as the fight seems even. What is landed? Lopez is the one. In the eleventh round Lopez landed the first punch a right on the chin of Ortiz ten seconds into the round.

Lopez trying to get Ortiz to mix it up, but he is reluctant. The old saying is, “You must take it from the champ, and Ortiz isn’t doing it in the now championship rounds. Ortiz has only done it once in a losing match.

In the twelfth and final round, with a little over a minute remaining, Ortiz stunned Lopez with a lead left on the chin. Lopez stood his ground, waiting for Ortiz to come in, and he did in landing a left to the chin in what could give him an edge in a dull round and dull fight, but a round Ortiz may have won in the evening, the score.

Scores: 117-111, 115-113 twice, and 114-114 KH. Lopez cried after the decision, saying he was fortunate he still had the title.

In the co-feature 2020 Olympic Silver Medalist, WBO Inter-Continental and WBC USA champ Lightweight Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis, 10-0-1nc (7), stopped the former 2-division world champ Jose “Sniper” Pedraza, 29-6-1 (14) at 1:09 of the sixth round of a scheduled ten rounds for the vacant IBF USBA Light title.

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In the first round, Pedraza, normally orthodox, came out southpaw, landing several lead lefts to Davis’s chin, taking the round. In the second round, with a minute remaining, a right from Davis on the chin stopped Pedraza in his tracks for a moment.

In the final seconds, Davis landed a chopping right on the chin of Pedraza, who was returning after a year.

In the third round, Davis went on the attack, breaking down Pedraza, who had little return from the many punches landed by Davis. Halfway through the round, Davis landed a pair of right uppercuts to the chin of Pedraza, who had a problem making weight and is ten years older at 34. In between rounds the ring physician checked the right eye of Pedraza.

In the fourth round, Pedraza came out orthodox and was outlanded by Davis, for the most part, looking much like the older of the two. In the fifth round, Pedraza kept coming forward, pressing Davis until a minute remaining when Davis landed a combination to the chin of Pedraza, who slowed him a bit but still was the aggressor.

A minute into the sixth round, Davis went on the attack, drawing blood from the right eyebrow of Davis with a left hook, driving him to the ropes, landing half a dozen punches against the defenseless as Referee Thomas Taylor came to his rescue, calling a halt.

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Lightweight George “El Yuyu” Acosta, 17-2 (3), was upset by Rene “El Bravo” Tellez Giron, 19-3 (12), over eight rounds, with Giron scoring a knockdown.

In the first three rounds, Acosta stayed one step ahead of the oncoming Giron, countering the shorter Giron, who took all the rounds.

In the fifth rounds halfway point a clash of heads caused a cut on the back of the head of Acosta. Seconds later, Acosta missed a right and was countered by a right on the chin and went down for an 8-count from Referee Raul Caiz, Jr., turning the fight around and back in favor of Giron.

In the sixth round, Acosta came back well after the knockdown, drawing blood from Giron’s nose, though he did not take the round. In the seventh round, Giron landed solid left hooks to the chin throughout the round, easily taking the round.

In the eighth and final round, it was all out for both, with Giron having more left in the tank as he outworked Acosta.

The scores were 79-72, 78-73, and 76-75, as did KH.

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Super Light 19-year-old southpaw Abdullah Mason, 12-0 (10), impressed in stopping southpaw Benjamin Gurment, 8-1-3 (5), at 1:29 of the second round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the first round final minute, both southpaws, Mason opened up with a two-handed attack with Gurment ending with abrasions over and under the right eye of the former Army vet.

In the second round’s final minute, a flurry by Mason hurt Gurment, driving him into the corner’s ropes and almost down, causing an 8-count from referee Harvey Dock. Mason went on the attack, countering a missed jab with a left on the chin, putting Gurment to the canvas and forcing referee Dock to immediately wave it off.

Lightweight Charlie Sheehy, 9-0 (5), easily defeated Abdel Sauceda, 12-3 (8) over eight rounds.

In the second round, Sheehy used a good jab. In the final minute, Sheehy landed a right uppercut on Sauceda’s chin, getting his attention. In the fourth round, Sauceda hurt Sheehy with a right on the chin halfway through the round. Sheehy had a good final minute with rights to Sauceda’s chin.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, Sheehy used the entire ring to avoid the coming forward Sauceda while countering him with rights on the chin.

In the final minute of the seventh round, Sheehy held back with a right and took a solid right on the chin from Sauceda. Then came back outworking Sauceda. Sheehy continued winning the rounds with counter rights in the eighth and final round. Referee Raul Caiz, Jr.

The scores were 80-72 by all and KH.

Middle southpaw Javier “Milwaukee Made” Martinez, 10-0-1 (3), remained unbeaten, defeating game Raul “Money” Salomon, 12-3 (10) over eight solid rounds.

Salomon was the aggressor in the first round first half, outworking the southpaw Martinez. In the second half of the round Martinez started going to the body of Salomon. In the third round’s final minute and with Salomon turning southpaw, Martinez started throwing punches in bunches, taking the round.

In the fifth round, after a minute, Martinez went to the body, hurting Salomon. In the final minute, Martinez rocked Salomon with a counter left to the chin.

In the sixth round, Salomon switched from southpaw to orthodox, but the body attack of Martinez had him hurt and another round for Martinez.

In the seventh round, Martinez, growing arm weary, wondering what is holding up Salomon, landing punch after punch to the chin of Salomon. Referee Celestino Ruiz warned Martinez in the final seconds of a low blow.

In the eighth and final round, Martinez moved around the ring, with Salomon following. Martinez countered and landed 3-punch combinations at times, taking yet another round.

The scores were 79-73, 78-74 twice, and 79-73 KH. Martinez is one of Manager Dave McWater’s many boxers.

Super Light Alan “Kid Kansas” Garcia, 11-0 (9), stopped Tomas Ornelas, 7-4 (5), at 0:51 of the first round of a scheduled six rounds.

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In the first round after twenty seconds Ornelas missed a right and got countered by a left hook by Garcia on the head and down went Ornelas for an 8-count from Referee Celestino Ruiz.

Ornelas, upon rising, was met with an attack from Garcia, who landed a left to the body and down went Ornelas for another 8-count from referee Ruiz. As Ornelas took the count referee Ruiz waved it off.

Heavy Antonio “Zues” Zepeda, 6-2 (6), was stopped by Lemir “Bang Bang” Isom-Riley, 4-2-1 (2), at 1:28 of the third round of a scheduled six rounds.

In the first two rounds, Zepeda came forward throwing rights for the most part. Isom-Riley fought back, out-anding him for the most part, mainly to the body. A right on the nose seemed to bother Zepeda. In between rounds, the ring physician checked Zepeda, who may have a knee injury.

In the third round, in a clinch, Isom-Riley landed two rights to Zepeda’s ribs. As Referee Thomas Taylor separated the two, Zepeda stepped backward and took a knee for an 8-count.

Shortly later, with Isom-Riley putting on some pressure again, Zepeda took a knee without being hit with his corner, stopping the bought and forcing referee Taylor to wave off the bout.

Junior Light Art Barrera, Jr., 3-0 (3), stopped Mickey Portales, 3-3-1 (1), at 1:41 of the first round of a scheduled four rounds.

In the first round, Portales was the aggressor, out-landing Barrera. Halfway through the round, Barrera hit Portales on the chin with a left hook and down went Portales on his back under the ropes. Referee Raul Caiz, Jr. didn’t bother to count; he just waved it off.

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