Benn’s Weight: The Deal-breaker for a Davis Showdown

By Daniel Mcglinchey - 02/14/2024 - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn says Conor Benn has been pestering him nonstop about making the fight with Gervonta Davis next. Hearn hopes he can negotiate a deal to make the Davis-Benn fight happen next, provided both fighters are “sensible” in the negotiations.

One thing that could be an obstacle to getting the fight done is Benn’s weight, seeking that he rehydrated to 171 lbs for his recent fight against Peter Dobson, who is a light heavyweight.

While Tank Davis is more than willing to face Benn at 147, he might have an issue if he’s facing a guy that rehydrated 20+ lbs and is a full-fledged light heavyweight on the night, weighing over 170 lbs.

Welterweight? Try Light Heavyweight

Hearn may need to include a strict rehydrate clause of 10 lbs in the negotiations with Tank Davis, with the secondary weight check occurring around 8-ish on the night of the fight to ensure Benn doesn’t rapidly balloon up to 170 lbs.

“We’ve made Tank an offer. It’s a big offer, and there’s a lot of upside on pay-per-view and gate that I think he needs to explore as well,” Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said to iFL TV about wanting to make a fight between Gervonta Davis and Conor Benn.

Hearn Needs a ‘Magic Word’

Hearn might not get anywhere in the negotiations with Tank Davis unless he says the magic words, ‘Rehydration clause,’ so the ‘Face of Boxing’ isn’t dealing with a massive Artur Beterbiev-sized Conor Benn on the night of the fight.

“It’s not really a fight that I anticipated but I think it’s a fight that can happen and I think if we can just be sensible and sit down and talk through numbers, I think there’s enough money in the pot to keep everybody happy.”

Benn Needs to Cool It

“Conor loves the fight. He’s been on at me nonstop since he’s been at him on social media asking me to make the fight and we’ll see where we get to this week,” Hearn said.

Benn will need to put a sock in it right now until Hearn gets a clue, and starts talking weight stipulations on top of an eight-figure purse for Tank Davis. We’re talking about two fighters that are essentially six weight classes apart. Tank fights at 135, and with Conor rehydrating to the 170s, that makes him a light heavyweight, which is totally unfair for Gervonta.