Hearn Responds To Lewis’ Stinging Critique of Joshua Fighting Ngannou

By RustNate - 01/17/2024 - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn came to Anthony Joshua’s defense today on Twitter, reacting to heavyweight great Lennox Lewis’ biting comment about AJ’s fight with the 0-1 novice Francis Ngannou.

Is Greed Taking Over Boxing?

Lewis had pointed out the obvious, saying that the former two-time heavyweight champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs) that beating the former UFC champion Ngannou “adds zero credibility’ to Joshua’s credentials as a fighter.

Getting beaten by Ngannou would be “an absolute disaster” for Joshua, Lewis says, and he’s 100% correct. That’s the type of defeat AJ could never escape, even if he stays around for another ten years.

Fans would never forget it, and it could destroy Joshua’s mind, haunting him for the rest of his life. AJ’s regret for taking this fight would be there, making him second-guess his decision to fight Ngannou.

Most fans see this as a pathetic money grab on Joshua’s poor, dodging the dangerous Zhilei Zhang, focusing on the easier target, Ngannou, who lost his last fight to Tyson Fury.

It’s off-putting for traditional fans to see top-level fighters competing against non-boxers, with the potential of fighting for the undisputed championship. You don’t see this clown circus stuff done in the NFL or NBA because the league officials would never allow it.

Hearn replied that the Joshua vs. Ngannou winner could fight for the undisputed championship against the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Uyk victor.

Lewis says it would be bad for Joshua to lose to Ngannou, but it’s quite possible because AJ hasn’t fought anyone good in years since losing twice to Usyk.

Joshua is washed and was never that good to begin with, winning a controversial gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics, with many fans feeling he deserved to lose all four of his matches in that competition.

Lennox’s Critique: Adds Zero Credibility for AJ

“In my opinion, this fight [Francis Ngannou] adds ZERO credibility to AJ’s resume. He’s SUPPOSED to win this fight, and when he does, what does he gain or learn by beating someone in his second heavyweight fight? If he loses, then it’s an absolute disaster. The same stood for Fury, and it almost cost him everything,” said Lennox Lewis on Twitter.

Hearn’s Strategic Manuever

“Listen in to yesterday..the winner fights the winner of Fury v Usyk for Undisputed, and when AJ joins your club, I know you will be delighted for him 😉”