The nice guys of heavyweight boxing

By Romer Cherubim - 12/19/2023 - Comments

Heavyweight boxers are known for their ferocious strength, many of them possessing in a single punch the power to end a fight. However, little attention is paid to what they are like as people. This is a pity as some of them are the kindest, most generous, and most humorous people you will ever meet.

The reason for this is perhaps that heavyweight boxers are likely to appreciate more how special life is. They know the dangers of their sport and are, therefore, perhaps more mindful of the importance of treating others with respect. In this regard, these fighters deserve special mention.

Tyson Fury

The undefeated WBC Heavyweight Champion stands out. Tyson is a kind, cheerful, and entertaining man who can even sing. More than this, he is ready to publicly own up to the problems he has faced in his life. Tyson’s mental health issues are well-known and, by his own admission, nearly brought a premature end to his boxing career. However, Tyson has overcome these difficulties and is a role model to anybody suffering from mental health problems.

Dillian Whyte

This Londoner is warm, humble, and has a great sense of humor, best illustrated by his funny exchanges with the boxing journalist Kugan Cassius.

Luis Ortiz

Luis is a loving father who came to the US from his native Cuba, because he wanted to find a cure for his daughter’s skin condition. Indeed, he has gone on record as stating that this was the most important thing for him when he left Cuba to live in the United States.

Andy Ruiz Jr.

Andy is just a nice guy. Prior to his second fight with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia in December 2019, Andy gave up his free time to visit the Disabled Children’s Association in Riyadh and had his photo taken with the children there. His empathy with these children was clear for all to see and was heartwarming.

Tyson, Dillian, Luis, and Andy are a credit to their sport and deserve all the accolades boxing gives them. Every time these four boxers enter the ring, they are risking their lives for the entertainment of others.

They deserve our admiration not only for the excitement they provide in the ring but also for being the people that they are.

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