Highlights: Morrell Jr vs. Agbeko Results (Video)

By Amy A Kaplan - 12/15/2023 - Comments

In the sparkling final act of SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING on a crisp December evening, David Morrell Jr., our undefeated WBA Super Middleweight Champ, gave his adoring fans a show to remember. This knockout artist turned The Armory into his personal stage, stunning the crowd with a jaw-dropping performance against Sena Agbeko.

Morrell, with his charm on full display, shared, “I’m teaching everyone who’s boss in the ring. I’m ready for whatever comes next.” He’s planning to enjoy a cozy Christmas before jumping back into the fray next year. The Cuban sensation, now Minneapolis’ own since 2019, has been serving knockouts left and right at The Armory, with this being his sixth. Agbeko, bless his heart, couldn’t keep up, getting floored just 1:43 into the second round. A crisp uppercut started the dance, then Morrell, sensing victory, unleashed a straight left that spelled doom for Agbeko. The power shots? A staggering 68% connect rate in that round!

YouTube video

Morrell was over the moon, saying, “It’s my night, my time, my year,” especially with his parents in the audience for the first time. And guess what? He’s eyeing a clash with fellow unbeaten super middleweight, David Benavidez, in 2024. Ooh, the drama!

Jose Valenzuela delivered a knockout against Chris Colbert that had everyone gasping. This WBA Lightweight Title Eliminator was a true grudge match, with Valenzuela getting his revenge in the sixth round. “I went straight to work after our last fight,” Valenzuela said, tipping his hat to Colbert. The first round saw Valenzuela drop Colbert early with a barrage of punches, setting the tone for the night.

Colbert, ever the resilient one, showed off his ring IQ, bouncing back with some strong moments, but Valenzuela wasn’t having any of it this time. Improved footwork and patience paved his way to victory. “I knew I could go 12 rounds, so I stayed patient,” Valenzuela shared, detailing how he mixed body and head shots. His moment came in the sixth round with a right hook that ended things, leaving Colbert no chance.

Post-fight, Colbert hinted at a third showdown, but Valenzuela’s eyes are on the bigger prize: WBA Lightweight Champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis. “I don’t think the fans want a rematch. I’ve beaten him twice,” Valenzuela declared, itching for a title shot.

And let’s not forget the night’s opener: a clash of former world champs. Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero outboxed Andre Berto over 10 rounds in a welterweight face-off, securing a unanimous decision. It was a spectacle of skill and grit, proving once again why these veterans are revered in the boxing world.