Andy Lee says Tyson Fury has “better footwork” than Usyk

By Charles Brun - 11/23/2023 - Comments

Trainer Andy Lee says Tyson Fury has “better footwork” than IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk ahead of their February 17th undisputed championship at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Fury looked slow on his feet, flabby, and terrible in his last fight against boxing novice Francis Ngannou last October in Riyadh. He looked like his 58-year-old dad, shot to bits, who had no business being inside the ring with Ngannou.

It was shocking that Fury was considered the #1 heavyweight on the planet by fans, promoters, and the casuals because he looked like some old fat guy, awful and embarrassing the sport by getting handled by a novice.

All the junk stuff that Fury had used to beat Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte & Dereck Chisora, with the wrestling, leaning & rabbit punches, none of it worked against Ngannou.

To beat this guy without controversy, Fury would have needed actual talent in the form of power, movement, and skill. Unfortunately, he had none of those things. He was just some old slapper who was gifted a decision and man, he made boxing look bad.

U.S. boxing fans looked at the guy for what he was: a scrub with little talent. The Brits adore Fury and believe he’s a great talent, but he’s just an average club fighter in terms of ability. You put Fury in with six or seven of the best heavyweights and have quality judging working the fights, and he’ll lose.

Pretty much the entire world had Ngannou winning the fight, and it made Fury look like he was being protected due to his popularity and the fact that there were big-money fights in front of him against Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

Fury needs to be told the truth

Lee can’t be serious with his comment about Fury having better footwork than Usyk, as that wouldn’t be fair to Tyson to give him false praise. It won’t help Fury if Lee gives him false flattery, blowing smoke up his tailpipe, hoping to boost his shattered self-confidence in some way.

If Lee really wanted to help Fury, he’d let him know he’s slow, fat, and getting old so he can start dieting and working on his cardio.

It’s unclear whether Lee is on level with his comment about the 270+ lb Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) having superior footwork than Usyk because Tyson’s mobility has rapidly gone downhill in the last three years since he started putting on weight with his trainer SugarHill Steward.

Although Fury was dropped and out-punched the entire fight by the powerful Ngannou, two judges gave him the victory, allowing him to preserve his unbeaten record.

It was the fifth time in Fury’s career that he was saved by the officiating in fights that he easily could have lost. The other ones were against these fighters:

Deontay Wilder – October 2021
Otto Wallin – September 2019
Deontay Wilder – December 2018
John McDermott – 2009

With the latest controversial win, you can argue that Fury’s true record should be 28-5, which obviously wouldn’t be great, but it would reflect the reality of his talent. Charles Brun believes Fury is a great grappler and leaner, and he can foul with the best of them.

Those rabbit punches that he took Deontay Wilder in their second fight were textbook jobs. They were placed beautifully behind Wilder’s head to knock the stuffing out of him, leaving him as harmless as a kitten to be battered into submission.

It’s fair to say that if Fury was a nobody and not the popular fighter with the promotional & network muscle behind him, he’d have five losses on his record and be no more popular in the UK than Derek Chisora, and Dillian Whyte.

Fury has better footwork than Usyk?

“No, Tyson is more skilled, and Tyson has got better footwork,” said trainer Andy Lee to Secondsout about his view that the huge 6’9′ WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is more skilled than IBF/WBA/WBO champ Oleksandr Usyk for their fight on February 17th.

“Tyson is taller. Usyk might have an edge in speed now than this version of Tyson being the lighter man. In most departments, Tyson has him outgunned. Tactics will be a big factor in this fight,” said Lee.

It’s beyond laughable for Lee to say that Fury has better footwork than Usyk, but also makes you wonder why he would make that crazy comment.  How does Lee gain from saying something like this?

What Fury needs is to take a big broom and sweep out his current training team from the gym, just dump them all, and start from scratch with a new trainer, assistant, and nutritionist.

Fury needs a coach who lives with him and sleeps in the kitchen to keep him from robbing the refrigerator late and night.

“Tyson has a great boxing mind. He’ll figure him out; he knows what he’s doing,” said Lee. “You can’t depend on anything. You’ve got to prepare for someone that is 100% strong. You can’t be preparing to the body hoping it’ll pay off,” said Lee when asked if Usyk is vulnerable to the body.”

The only thing Fury knows how to do at this point in his career is to throw a limp jab and then fall forward into a clinch to start with the grappling & leaning.

Tyson couldn’t get away with the 272-lb Ngannou because he’s solid muscle and was like a stonewall. He was able to out-maul Fury on the inside and brain him with shots at close range, which took away 90% of his game.

“Tyson said to many times, ‘I’m not even going to go to the body. I’m going to knock him out to the head,” said Lee.

Also, doing a nightly body search on Fury to ensure he’s not sneaking any goodies into his room would be wise because he’s too fat, and his food is his #1 enemy at this stage of his career.

Have the trainer do a frisk job to search Fury for candy, cookies, or cakes he might be stowing away for a midnight snack.

“I think I know the reasons why, but I’m not making any excuses for Tyson,” said Lee on whether the 35-year-old Fury’s recent fight against Francis Nganou is a sign that his legs are gone.

Lee doesn’t need to reveal his secret on why Fury’s legs were gone against Ngannou because it’s patently obvious to anyone with a brain. These are the reasons:

  • Age
  • Weight gain – Fury is too fat for his own good and needs to trim off a good 40 lbs of flab
  • Not enough cardio
  • Inactivity
  • Too much emphasis on mauling
  • Enjoying his millions too much – not living the life of a hard-working fighter. Fury resembles your typical filthy rich fighter who has lost his hunger.

“We fought a big, strong man, and he got knocked down, but he got back up and won like he always does. Trust me, he’ll be a lot better for his next fight because of it,” said Lee.

Nah, Fury won’t be better for his next fight against Usyk. If anything, he’ll be worse because he’s facing an actual boxer with talent this time instead of a novice, and he will get a boxing lesson.

That doesn’t mean Fury will lose the fight, mind you, because if it goes to a decision, he’ll likely win regardless of how badly Usyk schools him. He’s the A-side, and there’s a massive money fight just over the horizon with Anthony Joshua.

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