Jermell Charlo looking medieval, preparing to destroy Canelo Alvarez on September 30

By Boxing News - 07/17/2023 - Comments

By Sean Jones: Jermell Charlo posted training footage of him working out over the weekend, looking like a medieval throwback as he prepares to destroy undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez on September 30th.

Jermell already looks like he’s in the 170s, showing enough size, power, speed, and combination punching to rip the titles away from Canelo two months from now on Showtime PPV.

The work that Jermell is putting in the gym shows that he’s not going to be denied against Canelo. Jermell’s focus on combination punching in his training suggests that he’s planning to follow the blueprint created by Dmitry Bivol to overwhelm Canelo with punches and force him to fight off the ropes all night.

While Canelo is hanging out with his pal, Patrick Mahomes, on the golf course, Jermell is fiendishly working out as if their fight is next month instead of 10 weeks away.

Canelo appears to be enjoying his $200 million+ fortune a little too much, as he’s living the life of a wealthy robber baron from the Gilded Age, one of the elite class, with his opulent existence.

Living in mansions rivaling the castles the late American businesses magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt once lived in, Canelo could be enjoying the fruits of his labor too much and heading towards disaster against the upset-minded Jermell.

Alvarez has become an aristocrat, which is not what you want to be if you’re a boxer trying to stay on top fighting the young, hungry lions that want what you got.

Canelo needs to hold off on enjoying his massive fortune and get back to suffering in the gym like other hard-working fighters looking to make a name for themselves.

As you can see from his training this week, Jermell isn’t playing around in getting ready for this fight. He’s coming after Canelo like a hunter, ready to rip away his four 168-lb titles on September 30th.

It will be interesting whether Jermell will choose to hold onto the belts he snatches from Canelo or stay at 168 to defend them against all comers, starting with apex predators David Benavidez, followed by David Morrell Jr.

Jermell will likely treat the super middleweight undisputed titles like a hot potato and give it up to avoid the unpleasantries that would come from fighting Benavidez & Morrell, as those guys are the guys that are waiting to take over the 168-lb division.

Canelo has wisely steered a wide path around both, and Jermell obviously does the same rather than face them in what would be a feeding frenzy.

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