Teofimo Lopez slams Gervonta Davis over his rehydration clauses and catchweights

By Boxing News - 06/14/2023 - Comments

By Sam Volz: Teofimo Lopez trashed Gervonta Davis today over his use of rehydration clauses and catchweights to weaken his opponents to help him win fights.

Teofimo was asked today about his thoughts on Tank Davis, and he didn’t hold back in giving his views on how the Baltimore native is gaming the system by using his popularity to gain an edge over his opposition.

Interestingly, Teofimo (19-1, 13 KOs), who claims he retired after his win over WBO light welterweight champion Josh Taylor last weekend, isn’t interested in fighting Tank Davis.

Teofimo says that if he did fight Gervonta, he would postpone the contest continually, forcing him to wait.

Gervonta doesn’t have a history of repeatedly postponing fights, so it’s unknown where Teo came up with that idea, but it appears that it’s enough for him not to want to fight him.

Based on Teo’s paranoid ramblings, one could argue that he’s created an imaginary scenario that plays to his worst fears and treats it like it’s reality.

“I am,” said Teofimo Lopez to the media today when asked if he’s going to retire without fighting guys like Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson, and Ryaan Garcia. “It’s not about competitiveness. I could beat those guys if it was only them that I was fighting.

“I’m fighting the referee, I’m fighting the judges, I’m fighting the cornerman, and I’m fighting the commentators. It’s too many fights for me. That right there is like enough is enough.

“If I sign another contract. Let’s say I sign a contract with Tank, and we face each other. They’ll find a way to postpone the fight and keep postponing the fight, and having me wait my time.

“If I pull out, what is everyone going to say? ‘Teofimo pulled out. He’s scared. That’s a p***y move,” said Teofimo when asked about Gervontaa Davis’ rehydration clauses and catchweights.

“Gervonta, you are a p***y. You are a b***ch. I don’t care what anyone says.

So what if Tank Davis is using rehydration clauses & catchweights to help him win? It’s not as if he’s the first one to do it. Canelo Alvarez has been using thoseĀ  things for ages to stay on top, and he’s considered the ‘Face of Boxing.’

“Technicality, it would be Shakur. Power & some speed, it would be Tank,” said Teofimo when asked what would be his toughest fights. Ryan [Garcia] DM’d me, desperate for a payday after the Josh Taylor fight. I read it, unread it, and deleted it. Ryan said that if I’m looking forward to it, we could make some good money and make the fight happen,” said Teofimo.

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