Oscar De La Hoya to speak to Ryan Garcia this week to “present 4 names” for next fight at 140

By Boxing News - 05/28/2023 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Oscar De La Hoya says he will meet with Ryan Garcia’s manager this week to submit four names to him for Kingry’s next fight at 140 in August.

De La states that he wants Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) wants to get established against a top-five or ten contenders in his next fight this summer.

Oscar isn’t saying what kind of names he’s looking at presenting to Ryan’s manager, but it’s likely bottom-feeder-level guys without much power and on the old side.

When you look at some of the contenders in the top 10, these are all predators, and they would see Ryan as easy prey, ready to be taken down for an easy meal.

Ryan clearly doesn’t belong in the same division as killers like Richardson Hitchins, Steve Sparks, Gary Antuanne Russell, Jose Ramirez, Arnold Barboza, and Kenneth Sims.

Once Ryan suffers his first knockout loss at 140, he’ll wake up, smell the coffee, and retreat back to the 135-lb division from whence he came. He’s not stupid enough to stay at 140 and get knocked out repeatedly by everyone he faces.

Too many dangerous contenders at 140 with power similar to Gervonta Davis, all intelligent enough to follow his blueprint by attacking Ryan’s body to force him to quit.

Virtually all the contenders at light welterweight have power, and they’re a far more talented bunch than the guys that Ryan padded his record with at 135.

Ryan mentioned on Twitter last Saturday that he was interested in facing newly crowned WBA light welterweight champion Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero next.

Still, Ryan could have been just blowing smoke by trolling the media and getting the paper champ’s desperate hopes up by floating the idea of facing him next.

Ryan has got to know that he would be the laughing stock if he were to face Rolly next, and the few gullible fans that took him seriously as a fighter rather than an Instagram boxer would see the truth of what he is.

If Rolly finds out that Ryan was just pulling his chain, he may go into a deep depression, seeing his chance for a big money cash-out fight go up in smoke.

“There are three or four opponents that we’re going to submit to him. So we’re going to submit three or four opponents, and then we’ll take it from there,” Oscar De La Hoya said to ESNEWS last Saturday night when asked who Golden Boy Promotions plans on matching against Ryan Garcia in his next fight at 140 in August.

We’re talking about the top names at 140; we’re talking about contenders. Keep in mind it’ll be his first fight fighting at 140. So you have to get him a top 10, top 5 fighter to establish with a name, obviously. Ryan Garcia is the one selling the show and selling the tickets, so we’ll make sure we get a good opponent,” said De La Hoya.

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