Oleksandr Usyk responds to Tyson Fury whining about lack of opponents

By Boxing News - 05/18/2023 - Comments

By Huck Allen: Oleksandr Uyk responded to Tyson Fury’s bleating on social media about how he can’t find an opponent for his summer fight. Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) let “Greedy belly” Fury know that he’ll see him again soon, meaning in December if they can negotiate their undisputed championship.

With the way Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) is complaining and ruling out fights against quality fighters like Andy Ruiz Jr, Anthony Joshua, and Zhilei Zhang, it appears he’s made up his mind to sit and wait until December for the big payday that he’ll receive from the Saudis.

The kind of money that Fury wants, which could be in the tens of millions, isn’t there for the heavyweights that are available to fight him.

The fighters volunteering to face Fury

Zhilei Zhang
Martin Bakole
Michael Hunter
Frank Sanchez
Francis Ngannou

“You said that like it was news. Tyson Fury coming online, saying, ‘Stop running, Usyk. I’m going to knock you out.’ We’ve heard this a million times,” said Eddie Hearn to Boxing Social about Tyson Fury’s message today on social media about how Oleksandr Usyk supposedly doesn’t want to fight him and how he can’t get any of the heavyweights he wants, naming Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz, and Zhilei Zhang.


“There’s obviously a massive disruption in the camp because Bob Arum has come out and said, ‘I don’t think Tyson Fury knows what he wants to do.

“They wanted him to fight in the summer. There are no fights that can generate the kind of money that Tyson Fury wants. So they’re going to hang out until December and fight Usyk. In the meantime, is Usyk-Dubois happening? I don’t know. I’m hearing different things.

“There’s a purse bid next week. So it looks like Usyk will fight in the meantime. AJ will fight in the meantime. Wilder, I don’t know. Fury definitely not, now from the sounds of things. It’s all mental.

“That’s why being a part of this show this week is so cleansingly. You got a chance for Fury to become the undisputed champion and go down in history. What are they f**king around about? He wants 120 million. He wants this. He wants 70-30. Why? If you believe you can win the fight and you want it that bad, make it happen,” said Hearn.

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