John Fury demanding Jake Paul to “pay up” to Tommy for losing bet

By Boxing News - 03/01/2023 - Comments

By Barry Holbrook: John Fury sounds desperate, demanding social Jake Paul to pay his son Tommy Fury double his purse that was given for losing the bet on the outcome of last Sunday’s eight-round fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Jake had told Tommy that he would pay him “double” his purse if he lost to him, and the two shook on it. However, there was no contract signed for the bet, which leaves the 23-year-old Fury with no way of collecting on the bet.

John Fury mudding the water

It is unseemingly that John Fury is taking to social media three days after the fight, pushing hard to get more money out of Jake on the bet. It looks arguably looks bad on his part, and it also could spoil Tommy’s chances of getting a rematch with Jake.

After all, this is something that Jake doesn’t have to do. If Jake doesn’t want to give Tommy a rematch, he doesn’t have to.

The intelligent thing for John and Tommy to do would be to play it nice with Jake, smother him with compliments, and not upset him because if he walks away from the rematch, that leaves Tommy right back where he was found, plying his trade, fighting obscure domestic-level opposition, and not making a ton of money for his fights.

“Jake Paul, the moment of truth. Again, I say it; you lost the fight. We had a deal in front of millions of people worldwide; I expect you to honor that deal. You owe us some money,” said John Fury on social media, wanting Jake Paul to pay Tommy Fury to double his purse as part of their handshake bet on the outcome of last Sunday’s fights in Saudi Arabia.

“Don’t come back at me with contracts and all that crap. I’m a Gyspy, I can’t read & write properly, I don’t understand that. We were over there to do a job, and we done it. I’m sure you’ll be a great guy and honor what you done. Pay up,” said John Fury.

Jake Paul – Tommy Fury handshake agreement video

Jake Paul: “Since your so confident. If you win, I’ll pay you double of what I’m paying you already, but if I win, I’ll take everything I’m paying you,” said Jake Paul to Tommy Fury in the handshake agreement they made during the press conference the week of their fight last Sunday to pay pay him “double” his purse if he won.

“Deal or no deal. Since you’re so confident, deal or no deal,”  said Jake. “I want to shake on it.”

YouTube video

Tommy Fury: “Why are you going to stand up like you want to do something. Sit back down.”

Jake: “I just want to shake your hand.”

Tommy: “Sit back down.

Jake: “Answer the question.”

John Fury: “You got a deal. All or nothing. All or nothing. You got it.”

Without the lucrative rematch with Jake, Tommy is back to square one with his career, and it’s doubtful that Youtubers like KSI or Salt Papi will give him the time of day because he holds & moves too much.